Libyan-Egyptian Chamber head confirms positive Egyptian response to facilitate transit and ease restrictions at border crossing

The Chairman of the Joint Libyan-Egyptian Economic Chamber and the Chairman of the Tobruk Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Ibrahim Al-Jarari, participated last Saturday in the meeting of Libyan and Egyptian businessmen held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in the presence of the representative of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry for Libyan affairs. The crossing process lasts for long hours without any convincing reason, he added, especially since the Libyan traveller heads to Egypt for trade, study or treatment. The traveller is committed to implementing the procedures imposed by the Egyptian authorities at the border crossing, as well as paying the fees imposed by the Egyptian side, and no violations or serious legal violations have been recorded against Libyans. Efforts are also being made to facilitate the work of Egyptian contracting and construction companies in reconstruction and infrastructure projects inside Libya, especially in cities and areas affected by last September’s Storm Daniel. Positive responseAl-Jarari stressed the positive response of the Egyptian side, including chambers of commerce, businessmen, and official bodies, with regard to facilitating transit procedures at the Salloum border crossing, and seeking with the competent Egyptian authorities to reduce the fees imposed on Libyan travellers, in addition to facilitating commercial transit movement and preventing the accumulation of goods in the Egyptian customs warehouses at the border crossing.

November 21, 2023 08:01 UTC

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