Bahrain’s Al Salam Bank to provide Islamic banking consultancy and training to Sahara bank

‎Bahrain’s Al Salam Bank is to provide Islamic banking consultancy and training to Libya’s Sahara bank; it was revealed yesterday. The revelation came after Sahara Bank’s Acting Director General received, on Monday 3 June, at Sahara bank’s Tripoli headquarters representatives of the ‎Al Salam Bank. ‎During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways of cooperation between the banks in light of the transformation of Sahara Bank to an Islamic bank (announced on 8 January 2024). The meeting discussed cooperation plans that will be implemented soon, which aim to provide consultations in the field of Islamic banking and provide training programmes for the Sahara bank’s employees in this field.‎They also discussed the agreements to be signed between the two banks, and the two sides agreed to adopt Al Salam Bank ‎as a direct correspondent bank for Sahara Bank in Bahrain‎. Sahara bank converts itself into an Islamic bank ( Bank Accounts Manager detained for embezzlement, pending trial ( Sahary Bank officials jailed for defrauding the bank of LD 1.5 million ( Islamic Bank introduces country’s first e-instalment sale service ( Islamic Bank and Dokkan sign e-payment agreement ( bank offers Islamic banking loans for building materials, home furniture and cars ( Andalus Municipality and Jumhouria bank discuss Islamic loans for domestic solar systems | ( Africa bank offers Islamic Murabaha loan for household goods | ( bank offers Murabaha Islamic banking loans for Hyundai cars | (’s Jumhouria bank offers cars for sale on Islamic ‘‘Murabaha’’ basis | ( east’s Islamic banking conference postponed to 6-7 November | ( eastern branch organizing Islamic banking conference | ( bank offers Murabaha Islamic banking loans for Hyundai cars | ( workshop with World Bank on introduction of Islamic banking into Libya | ( Islamic banking conference postponed to 29-30 March | ( work well with Islamic banking – Adrian Creed of Clyde & Co. | ( Islamic banking conference 1-2 March | ( holds Islamic banking meeting with local bank heads | ( Central Bank and Islamic banking plans | ( want Islamic banking | ( banking workshop at Central Bank | (

Source:Libya Today

June 09, 2024 16:40 UTC

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