While the main talks regarding cryptocurrencies now focus on whether the crypto market is going to crash or not, there are some other interesting topics for the casual Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple traders out there. It is true that most of the digital currencies have been losing on value these days and some experts are even arguing whether and when their price will get to zero.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies seem determined to remain strong amid this storm and still have the support of many experts, companies, online casino operators and even celebrities. Thus, users of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can purchase goods, gamble at popular gambling destinations such as NetBet and boast about having something in common with these famous people that have expressed their love for digital currencies.

Virgin Group’s founder Richard Branson, for instance, has invested whopping $30 million in the Bitcoin start-up Bitpay back in 2014. Moreover, in 2013 he revealed that interested travellers for the commercial space travel he was working on could make their payments in Bitcoin. Not that long ago, he also invested money in Blockchain as well. With his strong support of cryptocurrencies over the years, Branson is one of the people that make casual traders feel safe when investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other digital currency on the market.

The next celebrity to have endorsed cryptocurrency is a famous movie star. You know Jamie Foxx for his impressive roles in movies like Django Unchained and Annie; what you probably didn’t know is his love for cryptocurrencies. In fact, he Tweeted about his participation in the ICO of Cobinhood, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Within a few weeks after his Tweet, the company raised almost $10 million.

Stars of the music industry are also very fond of cryptocurrencies. One female singer that have shared her amazement with digital currencies is world famous Katy Perry. She surprised her 68+ million followers on Instagram when she revealed getting financial advice on cryptocurrencies from Warren Buffet. Several months later she even painted her nails with logos of different Internet currencies and once again reminded everyone of her dedication to Bitcoin and its buddies. Similarly, DJ Khaled has used his social media influence to support cryptocurrencies or, more precisely, Centra and its titanium centra debit card. He also boasted with his Centra Wallet via a video posted on his Instagram profile.

Possibly the best story including celebrities and cryptocurrencies is the one of rapper 50 Cent. Back in 2014, 50 Cent revealed that fans could use Bitcoin to buy his album Animal Ambition. Reportedly, he made 700 coins, whose individual value at the time was around $660. In the following years the price of Bitcoin soared to almost incredible $20,000, making a millionaire out of the struggling rapper. 50 Cent boasted about the story in the beginning of 2018, when his stash was valued at almost $8 million.

Other popular names that endorsed cryptocurrencies and/or invested in them include rapper Nas, actor Ashton Kutcher, UFC fighter Floyd Mayweather and ex-boxer Mike Tyson.