Liberia: SRC Reacts to Media Reports against Company’s Interests

Weala, Margibi County – The attention of the management of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), hereinafter referred to as the company, has with absolute shock been drawn to publications carried in the local print and electronic media over the past week, alleging malpractices by the company on various fronts, as a result of its rubber plantation operations in Liberia. In the course of conducting its business operations in Liberia, the company continues to assist the government with its social economic efforts by providing employment, education, and health care services not only for its workforce, but also for residents from surrounding local communities. In testimony to the foregoing, the company’s health center was the only one that remained opened and operated in District #5 of Margibi County throughout the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia, rendering services to all including community members without discrimination. In addition to the above, the company is maintaining a healthy relation with its surrounding communities with a functional grievance mechanism in place for channeling their grievances which are addressed through the company’s Community Liaison Team. Further, since 2013, the company has undertaken various social projects, as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, based on the expressed interest of the communities within and around the company’s rubber plantation, which are ongoing despite multitude of challenges in the rubber commodity sector.

January 14, 2021 13:52 UTC

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