The Libya International Conference on Industry and Technology, 20 to 21 May, kicks off

The activities of the Libya International Conference on Industry and Technology kicked off in Tripoli yesterday (20 to 21 May) under the slogan ‘‘Prospects for Investment, Partnership and Technology Transfer in Industry’’ . The conference aims to discuss prospects for investment, partnership and technology transfer to the industrial sector and the development of the public and private industrial sector in Libya‎. The opening ceremony was attended by the Tripoli based Libyan Prime Minister, Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, the Minister of Industry and Minerals, Ahmed Abuhisa, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for Production Affairs, Industrial Zones and General Affairs, Mustafa Al-Samo, the Deputy Minister of Industry of Turkey, Oruç Baba Inan, and several diplomatic representatives.‎Need for public and private banking to play their roleIn his opening speech, PM Aldabaiba stressed the need for the public and private banking sector to play its role in supporting the industrial sector in all its fields according to a plan that contributes to the localisation of industry.‎‎The Prime Minister also stressed the need for the local and international private sector to invest in the field of industry and provide the necessary support to Libyan manufacturers to carry out their role.‎‎For his part, the Minister of Industry and Minerals, Abuhisa, directed the need to offer public factories that have been idle or operating for investment and operation by the private sector (privatisation), and to provide the necessary facilities to support them in activating these complexes, which have been idle for years (some from the Qaddafi era have never operated).‎

Source:Libya Today

May 21, 2024 08:31 UTC

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