Railroads Libya visits Greek rail carriage manufacturer NKT Group

At the invitation of the Greek NKT Group, specialized in the manufacture of freight carriages of all kinds, including passenger transport carriages, the Chairman of Railroads Libya, Saeed Al-Kilani, accompanied by the rest of his delegation, made a field visit to the NKT Group factory last week. During the tour the delegation were briefed on the company’s capabilities in the field of manufacturing rail carriages, starting from the design stage up to the testing stage. Railroads Libya reported that this visit included a lengthy meeting in which aspects of cooperation between the two parties in this field were discussed, including updating specifications, training technical staff, and the possibility of localizing this industry in Libya in the future. Six updated 130 km long Benghazi metro routes approved (libyaherald.com)Egypt’s Bahna Engineering to activate its rail contract: Railways Libya (libyaherald.com)BOT is the way forward for completion of Libya’s railway project (libyaherald.com)A railway system is fundamental to diversifying Libya’s economy post-oil (libyaherald.com)‘The Importance of Railways to Sustainable Growth, Transit Trade and Economic Development’’ workshop – Tripoli, 22 November (libyaherald.com)Libyan Railways Implementation Authority invites International Federation of Railways to participate in November workshop (libyaherald.com)Delegation from Libya’s Rail Authority visits InnoTrans 2022 in preparation for workshop (libyaherald.com)Libyan Rail Authority meets Chinese about restarting projects (libyaherald.com)Libya’s Railroad Authority tests old locomotive and 10 KM track from Khoms Port to Khoms station (libyaherald.com)Egypt and Libya contemplating extending Egypt’s rail line to Benghazi (libyaherald.com)Egypt to build rail line to Benghazi (libyaherald.com)Libya to develop its coastal free zones with African states through its railway project and create partnerships with EU (libyaherald.com)Russia considers resumption of work on Libyan railway (libyaherald.com)Massive LD 50-billion development of Tobruk unveiled; railway to Sudan to be built (libyaherald.com)Libya awaiting Chinese team for railway talks (libyaherald.com)Railway will be resumed (libyaherald.com)Russians in Tripoli for talks on Sirte-Benghazi railway project resumption (libyaherald.com)Tripoli and Benghazi LRT systems progress (libyaherald.com)Tripoli and Benghazi metro systems moving forward (libyaherald.com)Details of foreign consortium to invest and implement Tripoli metro, bus and infrastructure project and its financing revealed (libyaherald.com)

January 28, 2023 12:18 UTC

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