First batch of trees for Tripoli’s one million tree planting project arrive – over 45,000 trees planted in 16 months

The Tripoli Public Services Company announced the last Tuesday (14 May) the arrival of the first batch of trees that are part of the one million tree planting project in greater Tripoli. The project comes after the signing of a sponsorship contract between the Tripoli Public Services Company and the Oil Investment Company, Oilinvest, for a reforestation and carbon capture project in Libya. The Tripoli Public Services Company said the first batch of trees have been transferred to its nurseries to begin planting work. More than 45,000 trees planted inside Tripoli in 16 monthsThe Tripoli Public Services Company also revealed that since 2023, and over a period of 16 months, it has planted more than 45 thousand trees inside Tripoli. Three illegal tree fellers detained in east – cut trees used for charcoal ( continues its initiative to plant one million trees to reduce carbon emissions ( starts first phase of its campaign to plant a million trees ( COP28, NOC launches ambitious ‘Think Tomorrow’ environmental initiative ( launches one million tree forestation initiative in Libya for Greenhouse Gas Removal ( of Planning confirms development of integrated plan to plant 100 million trees by 2030 ( 2023-24 tree planting season launched to activate the 100 million trees by 2030 initiative ( campaign launched in Sirte ( to plant one million olive trees and 500k almond trees ( aims to plant 20 million olive trees through private sector (

Source:Libya Today

May 17, 2024 11:04 UTC

Two Libyan olive oil brands win gold at Geneva’s European International Olive Oil Competition (EIOOC) 2024

Two Libyan olive oil brands won gold at Geneve’s European International Olive Oil Competition (EIOOC) 2024. Al-Ajnaf Olive Press won gold and best in its class while Lamin Olive Press also won gold. The organisers commented that ‘‘Your victory in this prestigious competition is a testament to your commitment to producing world-class Libyan olive oil. Keep up the excellent work, and we look forward to celebrating your continued successes in the future!’’Advancing the diversification of Libya’s economy through planting high density olive trees for olive oil production ( winners of Japanese and Norwegian international olive oil competitions honoured ( olive oils win three prizes at the Japan Olive Oil Prize 2023 ( olive oil industry can diversify the economy and earn foreign currency: Head of SME programme ( National Olive Oil Prize launched ( olive oil from Gharian wins two international prizes during May (’s Libico olive oil from Gharian wins another international prize ( olive oils win prizes at Berlin awards – plans to increase production | ( olive oil exported to Italy | ( Export Promotion Centre discusses with Italian Chamber export of olive oil, dates and tuna to Italy and Europe | ( organizes non-oil exports conference – Tripoli, 16-17 March | ( considering allowing fish exports to EU | ( dates exported to Morocco through Benghazi port | ( takes first steps towards exporting fish to Europe | ( and olive oil fair opens in Tripoli | ( mind the oil, what about the olive oil? | ( Libyan Dates and Associated Industries exhibition opens in Tripoli | (

Source:Libya Today

May 17, 2024 00:03 UTC

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