Egypt faces Lebanon in Arab Nations Cup

CAIRO, 1 December 2021: The Egyptian national team, led by Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, will play the first matches of the Pharaohs in the Arab Nations Cup, which will be hosted by Qatar until December 18, against Lebanese national in the first round of Group D, which includes Sudan and Algeria. Carlos Queiroz is facing a challenge before the Lebanon match because of his desire to win the competition to qualify for the quarter-finals and lead the group. At the same time, Querioz aims to give new Egyptian national team's elements the chance in the tournament matches in order to choose some of them in the next African Cup of Nations, held in January at Cameroon. Carlos Queiroz included 23 players, who are Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Sobhi, Mahmoud Gad, Ahmed Hegazy, Akram Tawfik, Ahmed Fattouh, Mahmoud El Wensh, Ayman Ashraf, Ahmed Yassin, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Marwan Daoud, and in the middle: Hamdi Fathi, Amr Al-Sulayya, Muhannad Lashin, Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, Mustafa Fathi and Ahmed Rifaat, Muhammad Majdi Afsha and Hussein Faisal, and in the attack: Muhammad Sharif, Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Marwan Hamdi and Osama Faisal. The Arab Cup consists of 4 groups, the first group includes teams: Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, while the second group includes: Tunisia, UAE, Syria, Mauritania, and the third group includes teams: Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, while the group includes Fourth teams: Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan.

Source:Egypt Today

December 01, 2021 20:43 UTC

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