UN facilitates women’s participation in peacekeeping operations: UN Under-Secretary-General

UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix (front, ninth from left), Deputy Defence Minister Hoang Xuan Chien (front, 10th from left), and other participants in the conference in Hanoi on November 26 (Photo: VNA)– The United Nations will continue creating a favourable environment for women, including those from Vietnam, to effectively participate in peacekeeping operations , UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix told a conference in Hanoi on November 26.Speaking at the International Conference on Women with the UN Peacekeeping Operations, the official recognised Vietnam's great contributions to the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda.Given that the diversity of perspectives and skills when having both women and men in activities will help improve the way tasks are performed, he cited the important contributions by Vietnam at the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan as an example, affirming that the inclusion of both women and men on patrols has improved trust-building efforts among host communities.Deputy Minister of National Defence Sen. Lieut. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien, who is head of the ministry’s steering committee on Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping missions, said that Vietnam has joined the UN’s work since 2014. Among 512 Vietnamese officers and soldiers sent to the UN peacekeeping missions, over 70 are women.Maj. Gen. Hoang Kim Phung, Director of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department, said that Vietnamese female soldiers hold many different positions such as military observers, doctors and nurses, and have been all assessed by the UN as successfully and excellently completing their tasks.In addition, Vietnamese female soldiers are also bright spots in many UN activities in field missions, especially in people-to-people diplomacy.At the event, delegates shared lessons learned in deploying female peacekeepers, and gave recommendations, including the establishment of a network of women peacekeepers in the region.They also committed to supporting Vietnam in setting up a centre to promote the participation of women, including policewomen, in UN peacekeeping operations./.

November 26, 2022 17:38 UTC

Vietnam has two more named in Asia-Pacific documentary heritage list

A handwritten document in Truong Luu village of Ha Tinh province (Source: Cultural Heritage Department)– Two heritage pieces of Vietnam were recognised as part of documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific on November 26, at the 9th general meeting of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) in Andong city, the Republic of Korea.Of the newly recognised, the 78 “ma nhai” steles on Ngu Hanh Son Mountain in central Da Nang city features writings of various genres by kings and mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945), monks, and scholars who used to set foot in the scenic landscape between the first half of the 17th century and the 1960s.The steles comprise 76 with writings in the Chinese script and two with writings in the Nom - an old script of Vietnam - according to the Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.The other heritage is a collection of handwritten Chinese and Nom documents in Truong Luu village of central Ha Tinh province. They consist of 26 title conferring documents by kings of the Le and Nguyen dynasties, 19 diplomas, and three silk tapestries written in the Chinese and Nom, scripted between 1689 and 1943.These documents are rare about culture and education in a rural village in central Vietnam. They are original materials helping with the study of society between the late 17th century and the mid-20th century.Aside from the Vietnamese heritage, MOWCAP also included others in the Asia-Pacific documentary heritage list, including one from Singapore, one from Indonesia, one from Iran, two from the Republic of Korea, and two from China.With the two abovementioned pieces, Vietnam now has nine in documentary heritage lists of UNESCO, including three in the world list and six in the Asia-Pacific list./.

November 26, 2022 15:45 UTC

Delegates at 22nd WPC Assembly highly value Vietnam’s development

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and delegates to the 22nd WPC Assembly pose for a photo in Hanoi on November 24. (Photo: VNA)President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Fernando González Llort grants an interview to the Vietnam News Agency (Photo: VNA)Dr. Monisha Rios from the Solidarity Centre of Puerto Rico (Photo: VNA)– International delegates at the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council WPC ) have spoken highly of Vietnam’s economic and social security achievements.The WPC’s 22nd Assembly is taking place in Vietnam from November 20 to 27 to convey a message that calls for joint actions for peace, cooperation, and sustainable development.Talking to Vietnam News Agency on the sidelines of the assembly, President of the Cuba n Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Fernando González Llort said Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world to have an economy that has kept growing even amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is recovering, which has clearly proven its appropriate transformation policies.If there is any country succeeding in this regard, it is Vietnam, he said, noting that anyone can see Vietnam’s development efforts, how its economy is developing, and how its people are benefiting from policies, not only economic policies, but also social ones issued by the Party, State, and Government.Without peace, there is no way to develop, he emphasised.The ICAP President described the Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership of the country to fulfil economic development and social equality targets as an important contribution to peace since peace means not only the silence of guns but also development for the sake of people’s well-being.The fights against foreign invaders and for national liberation in the past are now a struggle for development and a better life for people in Vietnam. The inheritance of that ideology can be seen in national construction and the development efforts of the Party, State, and people of Vietnam, according to Fernando González Llort.Echoing the views, Carlos Ron, President of the Simon Bolivar Institute for Peace and Solidarity among Peoples (ISB) of Venezuela, held that from a war-torn country, Vietnam has shown a new path of growth, a new path of prosperity, and is continuing with socialism.He added Vietnam’s successes in implementing policies with the socialist orientation are showing the world that socialism can bring about benefits to countries and peoples.Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Peace Council Hasan Tarique Chowdhury highly valued Vietnam’s progress made thanks to the Doi moi (Renewal) policy and the adoption of a socialist-oriented market economy.He noted the country’s progress in fields such as agriculture, industrial development, and women empowerment should be an area of interest for developing countries in Asia and Africa to learn from.Dr. Monisha Rios from the Solidarity Centre of Puerto Rico perceived that the increase in literacy, the changes in the society regarding women and gender equality, as well as climate change response efforts are giving a lot of hope and a great example to follow./.

November 25, 2022 18:41 UTC

Vietnam International Defence Expo 2022 slated for December 8-10

An overview of the press conference. (Photo: VNA)Fighter jets practice for performance at the expo. (Photo: VNA)) – The Vietnam International Defence Expo 2022 (VIET NAM DEFENCE 2022) will take place in Hanoi from December 8-10, the Defence Ministry announced at a press conference on November 24.Major General Nguyen Viet Hung, deputy political commissar of the General Department of Defense Industry, said the expo aims to promote international cooperation in defence, build trust between Vietnam and other countries, and introduce the technology and production capacity of Vietnam’s defence industry This is also an occasion for Vietnam to diversify suppliers of goods serving armed forces and national defence, get updated on the development trends of weapons and technical equipment in the world, and explore opportunities to export products of the domestic defence industry.Vietnam will exhibit products made by units under the Defence Ministry, including the General Department of Defense Industry, the air force and air defence, the navy, the Military Technology Academy, the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Centre and the Viettel Group, as well as the Security Industry Agency under the Ministry of Public Security.According to the organizing board, 45 foreign delegations have officially registered to participate in the expo as invited guests. They are expected to bring to the event weapons, technical solutions and equipment for the navy, army, air force and air defence, cyber operations and logistics-technical equipment.Meanwhile, a total of 170 enterprises from 30 countries will open their booths at the expo.The expo will be open free to the public on December 9 from 2pm to 6pm, and all day on December 10./.

November 25, 2022 00:34 UTC

Vietnam eyes to boost economic, education cooperation with Hong Kong

A view of Hong Kong (China) - Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)- About 100 leading businesses of Hong Kong (China) will join together in a field trip to Vietnam to explore market and meet representatives of government agencies and localities, aiming to promote partnership s in trade, investment, production, innovation and high technology, according to the Vietnam ese Consulate General in Hong Kong.The office will pay heed to connecting human resources training between Vietnam and Hong Kong, focusing on encouraging Hong Kong’s universities to provide more scholarships and cooperate with Vietnamese universities, said Consul General Pham Binh Dam.Efforts will be also promoted to solve visa-related issues for Vietnamese labourers to work in Hong Kong, he stated.According to the diplomat, the agency has established and maintained good relations with authorised agencies, associations, trade unions and influential entrepreneurs in Hong Kong in order to promote relationships between important local partners with ministries, sectors, localities, businesses of Vietnam. Hong Kong is among the top economic partners of Vietnam, while Vietnam is also the 7th largest trading partner of this HongKong, he noted.Two-way trade between Vietnam and Hong Kong hit 28.5 billion USD in 2021 and 25.2 billion USD in the first nine months of this year. As of October 20, Hong Kong poured 28.9 billion USD in 2,133 projects in Vietnam.From January 2021, Hong Kong officially started the issuance of visas for Vietnamese students to study in the region, Dam noted.According to the diplomat, Hong Kong businesses are also tending to prioritise the ASEAN market, including Vietnam./.

November 24, 2022 10:30 UTC

Nearly 1,100 delegates to attend ninth National Buddhist Congress

Most Venerable Thich Gia Quang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) Executive Council speaks at the press conference (Photo: VNA)- Nearly 1,100 delegates from across the country will attend the ninth National Buddhist Congress , scheduled for November 28-29 in Hanoi, heard a press conference on November 23 to introduce the event.According to Most Venerable Thich Gia Quang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) Executive Council, the congress will be themed "Discipline - Responsibility - Solidarity - Development".During the congress, participants will review Buddhist activities over the past five years and sketch out tasks for the VBS in the next five years.One of the important contents of the congress is adjusting the VBS Charter.Participants will discuss the implementation of 12 targets and programmes, focusing on fostering Buddhist rules in line with the implementation of responsibilities of Buddhist dignitaries and followers.The congress will seek to enhance solidarity and develop the VBS in the international arena.In the past five years, despite many difficulties, especially those cause by the COVID-19 pandemic, the VBS has shown strong performance in completing its targets.Notably, the Sangha successfully hosted the UN Vesak Day in 2019, which drew more than 5,000 delegates from 112 countries and territories. The ceremony commemorating the 40th founding anniversary of the VBS was held in 2021 online.Earlier, provincial Buddhist congresses were held in all 63 localities nationwide./.

November 24, 2022 01:39 UTC

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