MPC Blasts UP Administration, Says War Crime Court Not Important Now… Outlines Key Concerns To Be Prioritised

By: R-Joe Ks FINEBOY |The Political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) says the establishment of the War Crime Court is not important compare to other things that the Unity Party Government should be more concern about in meeting the need of the citizens. Freeman also said the issues of War Crime Court if given prioritize for establishment, will be a financial burden on government in funding it establishment as well as sustaining; citing that the court system of Liberia has the ability to prosecute individuals’ whole be liable for the commission of war crime if the right system is put in place. Freeman recommended that individual who has a case against anyone who may have committed war crime against his or her relative should has the right to go court with all necessary evidence and the court should has the mandate for prosecution of said individual. The MPC Political Leader assorted that beside Serra Leone who was misled to establish war crime court and after spending millions of dollars, was only able to prosecute less than five persons could be the same with Liberia if this government dare to venture into anything of that nature; adding that, how many country in Africa or America that have war crime court. Freeman said the Agenda of the Liberian Leader is on path to be a failure to the Liberia people.

Source:GNN Liberia

March 07, 2024 09:30 UTC

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