OVs in Sweden, Latvia celebrate Tet festival

At the get-together (Photo: VNA)– A get-together for overseas Vietnamese in Sweden and Latvia to welcome the Lunar New Year 2024 has been held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden.Gathering crowds of representatives from the Vietnamese communities in the two countries, the embassies of other ASEAN member nations in the European nations, and international friends, the event also reviewed the fruitful development of the Vietnam – Sweden relations over the past 55 years.Addressing the event, Ambassador Tran Van Tuan highlighted Vietnam's socio-economic development achievements in 2023, and the country’s practical and effective contributions to international and regional organisations and forums.He appreciated the valuable support and assistance provided by the Swedish government and people for Vietnam in its struggle for national independence and reunification in the past, as well as in Doi moi (renewal) and international integration efforts, and national construction at present.The diplomat asserted a commitment to focus on strengthening the bilateral relations between Vietnam and Sweden in various areas, especially in mitigating climate change, protecting the environment, developing carbon capture technology, managing and treating waste, digital transformation, energy transition, financial management, public health, labour cooperation, trade, and investment.The embassy is actively promoting the establishment of direct flights and maritime transport routes connecting Vietnam and Sweden, he said, adding that the agency is also collaborating with Swedish authorities to propose possibilities for upgrading the partnership between the two countries on par with the bilateral relations and aligning with the demand and practical interests of their people, he said.He highly valued the contributions by nearly the 23,000 Vietnamese expats in those two European countries to the development of Vietnam and the host countries, especially in enhancing trade and investment connections, introducing goods and services, and promoting Vietnamese culture and language there.The ambassador expressed his belief that the Vietnamese community in the two European nations will continue to reap more accomplishments./.

January 23, 2024 04:18 UTC

HCM City aims to promote smart traffic system

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)– Along with completing its transport infrastructure system Ho Chi Minh City is building a smart traffic management and operation system using high technologies to deal with traffic congestion and reduce accidents.The southern economic hub is the first locality to build a smart traffic operation centre, which has been put into operations in 2019, helping enhance the efficiency of traffic monitoring and regulation in the city.Doan Van Tan, Director of the Urban Traffic Management and Operations Centre under the HCM City Department of Transport, said that the city is investing in completing the system of transport system and major transport works with the application of the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) model, enabling the implementation of traffic management and regulation on digital platforms.He revealed that the department plans to build a complete traffic management and operation centre having all functions following traffic development orientations of the city.Experts held that on the foundation of the underway smart traffic operation centre, HCM City should continue to make a breakthrough in the application of new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) in traffic management.The city should increase data connections and sharing and expanding reaction and connectivity with public transportation service suppliers and transport work management agencies to enhance the efficiency of traffic regulation and operation, serving research and assessment of urban traffic situation and solving traffic congestion , they said.The synchronous implementation of these solutions in particular periods will contribute to perfecting the city’s smart traffic system in the future, they added./.

January 22, 2024 16:42 UTC

Vietnam Report releases white book on Vietnamese economy in 2023

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)– The Vietnam Report JSC has released a white book on the Vietnamese economy in 2023, highlighting the country’s economic achievements last year and giving forecast for 2024 as well as a number of policy recommendations.According to Vietnam Report General Director Vu Dang Vinh, last year, despite impacts from the world economic crisis and domestic difficulties, Vietnam has still been a bright spot with GDP growth of 5.05% and the recovery of many areas such as export and industrial production.In its recent report on Vietnam’s top 500 biggest businesses in Vietnam, Vietnam Report underlined that growth was recorded in revenue of all three major areas of industry-construction, service and agro-forestry-fisheries in 2023.The report also showed a year-on-year rise of 0.2% and 4.1% in the average return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE), respectively. On the contrary, a downturn of 0.4% was seen in the average return on sales (ROS).Meanwhile, the production and business situation of a number of large enterprises in key economic sectors such as pharmacy, logistics, tourism, hotels - resorts, animal feed were also improved despite many difficulties.Except for the logistics industry, which is heavily impacted by the global economic downturn, all the remaining sectors enjoyed growth.Particularly, Vietnam just witnessed a year with boom in the domestic and international tourist market, and the growing demand for meat products, leading to a higher demand for animal feed.The Vietnam Report held that if they overcome the current difficulties, businesses will reap great opportunities to become the main driving force for the economy, enhancing their position in the domestic and foreign supply chains Vinh underlined that flexible adaptation efforts in production and business activities as well as governance strategies of enterprises will be a premise for a more positive year in 2024 when the economic situation gradually improves.He also underscored the need to build a strong trademark as a way for domestic firms to recover and thrive in the future./.

January 22, 2024 14:52 UTC

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