Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele returns to Olympics after 12 years

(With AFP inputs)NEW DELHI: Ethiopian running legend Kenenisa Bekele will be making a comeback to the Olympics after 12 years, as he has been named in a 10-member team for the Paris Games .Bekele's last Olympic appearance was in London in 2012, where he finished fourth in the men's 10,000m. Despite being overlooked for the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, his remarkable second-place finish at the London marathon in April secured him a spot in the Paris Olympics squad.Bekele, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in the 5,000m and 10,000m, will once again face off against reigning Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge , who was named in the Kenyan team earlier.Their rivalry dates back to the Paris world championships in 2003, where Kipchoge emerged victorious in the 5,000m race.Tigist Assefa , the women's world record holder in the marathon, will also be part of the Ethiopian team.Assefa made history by breaking the two-hour 12-minute mark in the women's marathon, setting a world record of 2:11:53 last September in Berlin. Her inclusion adds strength to the Ethiopian contingent, alongside other talented athletes like Amane Beriso and Megertu Alemu .The Ethiopian men's team for the Olympics includes notable names likeSisay Lemma and Deresa Geleta, with standby reserves Tamirat Tola and Eusedin Mohammed. Similarly, the women's team comprises accomplished athletes such as Gotytom Gebresilase and Buze Diriba, with reserve members ready to step in if needed.The stage is set for an exhilarating marathon event at the Olympics in Paris, with the men's race scheduled for August 10 and the women's race the following day.It's exciting to see such a talented lineup representing Ethiopia, and fans around the world will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating their performances on the Olympic stage.

May 16, 2024 20:36 UTC

Ethiopia crafting roadmap for implementation of recently approved transitional justice policy

Gedion Timothewos, Minister of Justice (Photo: Social Media)Addis Abeba – The Ministry of Justice has announced that a roadmap for the implementation of the recently approved transitional justice policy is currently underway. According to the Ministry’s statement, the roadmap, which is expected to be completed within three weeks, will outline the specific processes, timelines, stakeholder roles, and budgetary requirements for carrying out the policy’s directives. Earlier this week, state media reported last week that the implementation phase of the transitional justice policy has begun, and consultations are being held to determine the next steps in accordance with the schedule. During a consultation forum, Tewodros Mihret, President of the Supreme Court, stated that “the transitional justice policy is applied to bring justice and reconciliation to the severe trials and abuses that a society has gone through.”He added that “the policy aims to provide justice for past crimes, ensure lasting peace, and offer a comprehensive response.”The Council of Ministers unanimously approved the transitional justice policy on April 17, 2024, following discussions and the incorporation of additional input, the Ministry stated. The policy aims to address the wide range of victims of human rights violations, conflicts, narratives, and abuses that have occurred throughout different periods in the country, as previous attempts to resolve these issues were considered insufficient and inflexible, according to the Ministry.

May 16, 2024 16:16 UTC

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