Morocco-Israel: Royal Cabinet warns PJD Secretariat General over its “irresponsible” remarks; reminds it foreign policy is part of the Sovereign’s prerogatives – The North Africa Post

Morocco’s Royal Office has issued this Monday a statement warning the Secretariat General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) over “irresponsible excessive views and dangerous approximations” concerning Morocco’s relations with Israel,” pointing out that the instrumentalization of the Kingdom’s foreign policy in a domestic partisan agenda constitutes “a dangerous, unacceptable precedent,” and recalling that Morocco’s position regarding the Palestinian question is irreversible. The Royal Cabinet statement came in response to PJD’s criticism regarding Morocco’s position on the Palestinian cause and its relations with Israel, claiming that Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita defends Israel at regional and international meetings. The sovereign “places this issue on a par with the question of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity,” it said, adding that “this is a constant, principled position, which should not be open to political posturing and narrow electoral campaigns.”The Kingdom’s foreign policy is a prerogative of the King, as per the Constitution – a foreign policy which the Sovereign implements, taking into account the immutable values and best interests of the nation, chief among which is the issue of territorial integrity. The Royal Office statement made it clear that “the Kingdom’s international relations cannot be the subject of blackmail by anyone or for any consideration whatsoever, particularly in the current complex global context. The instrumentalization of the Kingdom’s foreign policy in a domestic partisan agenda thus constitutes a dangerous, unacceptable precedent.”The Royal Office recalling the circumstances under which the re-establishment of ties with Israel was carried out, said the resumption of these relations took place in circumstances and in a context which everyone knows.

March 13, 2023 22:05 UTC

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