Alliance of opposition parties is a natural process, SK Niazi

Some basic concepts need to be clarified, Justice (R) WajihauddinIn the recent budget, the target was again made to the public, Malik BostanISLAMABAD:Chief Editor Sardar Khan Niazi’s conversation in Sachi Baat programmeFawad Chaudhry and Umar Ayub have been federal ministers during PTI era, SK NiaziAlliance of opposition parties is a natural process,No one sees a bright future for PTI,In the current situation, it is a big thing for leaders to stay with PTI,Did founder PTI live up to what he said,Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Zardari also did not live up to their wordsThere can be negotiations, if the intention is clear, then the destination is easy,PML-N and PPP made PTI oppressor by working together,The recent election is not rigged but rigged, senior aTell me which elections have been transparent since 1970,Many countries, including China, have expressed reservations about the election,Arrests of Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and founder of PTI were not correct,If founder PTI is involved in May 9 then arrest is right,If Kalabagh dam is built, many problems with employment will be solved,Justice (Rtd) Wajihauddin’s talk in the program “Sachi BaatSome basic concepts need to be clarified, Justice (R) WajihauddinThe Election Commission is not under the Supreme Court but must be attached, WajihauddinThe Election Commission did not inform the Supreme Court when the decision on PTI’s election symbol case came, WajihauddinMany things were not presented by the Election Commission in the Supreme Court, WajihauddinThe constitution states that any citizen can form a party or join, Wajihuddin saidIt is not necessary that that political party is already present in the Parliament, Justice (R) WajihauddinIt is there in the constitution that an independent candidate can join a political party within 3 days, WajihauddinThe debate going on in the courts is unnecessary, Justice (R) WajihauddinThe small issue of special seats has been turned into a huge one, said WajihauddinMany hopes were attached to SIFC that the economy would improve, Wajihauddin saidThe recent budget has also watered down all the initiatives of SIFC, WajihauddinElections of political parties are not mentioned in Article 17 of the Constitution, WajihauddinANP did not hold elections for 4 years, it was only fined, WajihauddinNo matter how PTI conducts elections, the party conducts elections, it is certain, WajihauddinThe people of the country and the political parties are being defrauded with the constitution, WajihauddinWhat Maulana Fazlur Rahman said in 2017, he repeated the same thing again,Maulana Fazlur Rehman raised his voice against election rigging,If local investors are running away, why will foreign investors come here? More fear and panic spread from the recent budget, everyone is worried,All affairs in the country have come to a standstill, unemployment is on the rise,Educated youth are forced to do menial jobs,Economist Malik Bostan’s talk in the program “Sachi Baat SK Niazi Saayt”. In the recent budget, the target was again made to the public,Bureaucrats and senior officers’ salaries increased with benefits,The government has promised to give relief as soon as the situation is right,Every year we have to pay interest on the loan,Pakistan has earned 18 thousand billion dollars in interest, says economistWe had reassured the people, many things are improving,Power production needs to be increased so that the industry can run,Cheap electricity is the only solution to the problem in the country, said economistThe scourge of terrorism is licking our country like a termite,We have to stand with the government and walk side by side.

Source:The Patriot

July 03, 2024 01:49 UTC

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