This budget is not good for business, it will destroy the country, SK Niazi

No government would want to present a difficult budget, Senator Tahir SindhuIf the people are prosperous, peace and stability will also come, economist Naeem SiddiquiPrices of electricity, gas and petroleum products are increasing further, Mirza Akhtiar BaigISLAMABAD:Chief Editor Sardar Khan Niazi’s conversation in Sachi Baat programmeThis budget is not good for business, it will destroy the countryThis budget cannot be acceptable to any sectionCorruption and unemployment are at an extreme, no construction work is being doneTrying to bring investment from outside, own investor is going outPresent government intends to build Kalabagh DamIf the current government succeeds in building the Kalabagh Dam, it will be a huge task,There is so much corruption in civil institutions that it has gone out of control,PML-N leader Senator Tahirsandhu’s conversation in the program “Sachi BaatNo government would want to present a difficult budget,My personal opinion was that the government should have imposed a tax emergency,People in foreign countries pay taxes to get their resident status up,Nawaz Sharif became the prime minister three times, he was not allowed to rule all three times,To get specific seats, the list has to be provided before the election,Sunni Unity Council did not submit the list, PTI did not have election symbolI think the court may send this decision back to the AssemblyEconomist Naeem Siddiqui’s talk in the program “Sachi Baat SK NiaziThe government should think of the common people beyond political affiliation,If the people are prosperous, peace and stability will also come, economistIn countries where people pay taxes, education and health are provided free,Tax is being collected and increasing but what is its use?,Tax should be levied on everyone who has income, says economistAs the budget unfolds looking doom and gloom, economists opineThe salaried class has been taxed so much that it is becoming more than its salaryPrices of electricity, gas and petroleum products are increasing further, Mirza Akhtiar BaigWhere is the justice that 15% salary has been increased to 22% tax,Mirza Akhtiar Baig said that the government did not consult the PPP for the budgetHas the president also approved the budget without reading it,We are aware of the difficulties, we do not want to create any chaos,The salary of a senator is one lakh 78 thousand rupees, Senator Khalil Tahir SindhuNew reforms are being introduced, we have to wait a bit, Tahir SindhuThe founder of PTI had made many claims that he will build so many houses and plant so many trees, Tahir Sindhu. Khalil Tahir Sindhu is bearing the brunt of the PTI era disasterAll the debris of the budget will fall on Muslim League-N, People’s Party is not in the government,Khalil Tahir Sindhu has given suggestions on the budget, the implementation of which has startedWe are a free country, no resolution can come against any free country,Many parties were formed, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also formed another party, SK NiaziThe concept of filer and non-filer should end, says economist Naeem SiddiquiPunishment and reward should be promoted, here people know what will happen if no tax is paid,

Source:The Patriot

July 01, 2024 19:52 UTC

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July 01, 2024 17:05 UTC

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