Guardian Glass celebrates 30th anniversary, launches latest brand ambassador "Amanda Charlene Obdam"

Sasha Klengel, Asia Pacific Director of Sales, said that this 30th anniversary celebration was an opportunity to start a new step we have never done before. It was attended and participated by a large number of customers, influencers, architects, and important people in the glass industry. On this occasion, we had both a celebration and a policy announcement for Guardian Glass Asia Pacific to set growth targets for the next year along with launching our latest commercial and brand ambassador "Amanda Charlene Obdam" to expand the brand awareness and reach more customer groups by aiming to enter the market with full force in 2023, including the Greatest Appreciation award given to Guardian Asia Pacific's key dealers who have been accompanying together on the journey to success. During the past 30 years when Guardian Glass has been operating its business in Thailand and Asia Pacific, the direction in our glass market has been growing more and more all along, including an expansion of our production factory in Rayong and a relocation of our office to Emporium Building to support the growth of the company. In addition, for the production of products, there has been continuous development of various quality glass designs, such as mirrors, clear glasses, and green glasses, along with the development of adding value to glasses to be used as a further material in other workpieces, such as glasses used in automotive parts or electrical appliances.

December 03, 2022 06:05 UTC

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