News: Islamic Council expresses discontent with Oromia region statement on demolition of Mosques, engaged in discussion with federal gov’t

Officials of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council during press briefing (Photo: Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council/Facebook)Addis Abeba – The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has expressed its discontent with a recent statement issued by the Oromia regional government communication bureau, citing a failure to accurately represent the sentiments and needs of the wider Muslim community in Ethiopia. The Supreme Council said in a statement on Thursday, that a nine-member committee, which was established following the council’s emergency meeting on 28 May, is currently engaged in discussions with high-ranking officials from the federal government, with the aim of resolving the issue of demolition of Mosques. In a statement released in connection to the protest about demolition of mosques in Shaggar city, the commission confirmed the death of two individuals on the Friday’s event. On 23 May the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of the Oromia Regional State said 19 Mosques were illegally demolished in Shaggar city alone & urged the regional government to immediately stop the demolitions and return to resolving the problem through dialogue. Earlier, the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of Ethiopia has sent a letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seeking an end to the demolitions and a solution to the problem.

June 02, 2023 11:31 UTC

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