Government Confirms Enhanced Payment Plan ‘Ahora 18’ - News Summed Up

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Government Confirms Enhanced Payment Plan ‘Ahora 18’

The Ministry of Production confirmed this week its plan to boost consumer spending with an expanded interest free commodity purchase program entitled “Ahora 18”. Originally instituted in 2014 as a Kirchnerist initiative known as “Ahora 12”, the new programme aims to stimulate the domestic economy and combat inflation by allowing consumers to purchase select goods in 12 or 18 interest free payments with credit cards. The original product list from Ahora 12 has been updated to incorporate a wider range of goods, and now includes both electronics and tourism packages. Looking to stimulate holiday season shopping, the new plan will take effect on 1st December, and run through the end of March 2017. The government, which had originally expressed an intent to disband the Ahora 12 programme, reversed his position in light of recent reports showing dismal domestic sales figures.

Source: The Argentina Independent November 23, 2016 23:37 UTC