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Fiscal deficit up by 80 percent in September

Annual comparison without financial revenue Saturday, October 22, 2016 Fiscal deficit up by 80 percent in SeptemberArgentina posted a primary fiscal deficit of 38.9 billion pesos in September, up from 37.2 billion pesos in August, the Finance Ministry said yesterday. In comparison to the same month last year, the deficit has widedned by 80 percent. Those figures do not include revenue from financial sources liked to Central Brank or by the ANSES FGS sustaimnability gfunds. With those sources of revenue included, the deficit is nine percehnt larger than in the sme month last year. The government has set a reduction of the budget deficit to 4.8 percent of GDP, but recently upped its primary fiscal deficit projections for 2017 to 4.2 percent of GDP, greater than 3.3 percent promised earlier this year.

Source: Bueno Aires Herald October 22, 2016 04:42 UTC