Buenos Aires Province Approves Gender Parity Law - News Summed Up

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Buenos Aires Province Approves Gender Parity Law

The legislature of the province of Buenos Aires has approved a much anticipated gender parity law, establishing equal representation on electoral ballots. This law, which amends Article 32 of the provincial Electoral Act, aims to reduce the proliferation of gender inequality, and increase the participation rate of women in provincial governance. In a few years, they will say ‘look at what the women had to fight for!’” acclaimed Maria del Huerto Ratto, member of the political party Renewal Front. Congresswoman and “Let’s Change” party member Sandra Paris shared similar sentiments: “Today we are making this change in our country and in our province. In La Plata the FIT candidate lists were 70% women, but with this law, that could not happen,” said Kane.

Source: The Argentina Independent October 05, 2016 20:43 UTC