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‘Pay Your Taxes to Develop Our Country’

Weah Admonishes taxpayers as LRA Launches Mobile Tax Payment via Orange MoneyPresident George Manneh Weah has called on Liberians and foreigners to pay their taxes in compliance with the law for the development of the country. He made the plea on Thursday, April 12, when he served as the chief launcher at the ceremony of a new service that will allow Liberian taxpayers to pay their taxes via Orange Money. The mobile tax payment technology was launched by the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) at the Monrovia City Hall. The newly-launched mobile tax payment technology allows taxpayers, mainly small and medium income earners, from US$500 down, to pay their taxes through the Orange Money Service. The government will remain flexible to taxpayers and will allow them to pay their taxes quarterly if need be.”President Weah launched the service by becoming the first Liberian citizen to pay his taxes online in an undisclosed currency and amount, using the Orange Money service.

Source: Daily Observer April 16, 2018 02:26 UTC