Deutsche Bank - Pound Will Fall Near To Parity With Dollar And Euro Over Brexit

However, Deutsche Bank is predicting that the pound sterling will fall down to close to parity with the US dollar and the euro. But FX markets do wander about quite a bit so Deutsche could be right here:Deutsche Bank has predicted the pound will fall to as low as $1.06 against the dollar due to Brexit. That would represent a fall of around 15 percent against both the dollar and euro. The bit that's not quite right in that report is the "gloomy" bit. In its 45-page report on the possible consequences of Brexit, the bank said: “We do not see sterling (currently) fully pricing a hard Brexit outcome.

March 26, 2017 09:45 UTC

Mexico: 16 inmates at large after tunnel prison break

Story highlights 29 inmates escape via a tunnelThe tunnel was sealed with concrete Saturday(CNN) Sixteen of 29 inmates are still on the run after they made an audacious escape by tunneling underneath a Mexican prison wall, authorities said. The inmates escaped Thursday from a prison in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas state secretariat of security said SaturdayFollowing the escape, security officials destroyed unauthorized shelters constructed by inmates on prison grounds and searched cells. In reaction to those efforts, a riot broke out in the prison Friday night. Three inmates were stabbed to death and one was injured, officials said. The inmates set debris on fire during the riot, but the flames were ignited within an hour.

March 26, 2017 09:45 UTC

Cambodia Deal He Didn't Want Propels Casino, Property Mogul Chen Back Into Billionaire Ranks

Dr Chen also controls two Malaysian property developers. Dr Chen came to Cambodia as part of Malaysia’s “Prosper Thy Neighbor” program to assist nearby Southeast Asian countries, leading to a role as an economic adviser to Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen. So Dr Chen agreed to fund construction of NagaCity Walk – the shopping area that opened last August – and Naga2 through a convertible bond deal. Last year both additions were turned over the company and the bond value, originally US$369 million, accrued to Dr Chen. “You have to give Dr Chen credit,” one associate says.

March 26, 2017 09:22 UTC

TUC Wants To Increase Gender Pay Gap With Higher Maternity Pay

For example, the Trades Union Congress (think AFL-CIO to Americans) regularly fulminates about the gender pay gap. And one of the reasons there is a gender pay gap is because of the existence of maternity pay. So, raising the pay due to maternity could well lead to an increase in the gender pay gap. So, if we're to extend that time by making maternity pay better then we're going to be increasing that gender pay gap too. The TUC really is arguing that they want to increase the gender pay gap by making maternity pay higher.

March 26, 2017 09:11 UTC

Three Real Reasons “TrumpCare” Failed – GOP Divisions Played Only Minor Role

First and foremost it’s because most people hate the underlying Republican philosophy pertaining to health care. But most Americans really do consider access to health care a right: not just access to buy insurance if you can afford it, but real access to real health care. And ordinary people got really furious that the Republicans were trying to take their personal health care benefits away. Add to the mix the revival of the coalitions that had originally passed the Affordable Care Act – Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and Save Our Care. That real, intense, up-close-and-personal stuff made it perfectly clear to many of them that voting for the “TrumpCare” bill could mean political suicide.

March 26, 2017 09:11 UTC

15 People Shot, 1 Killed at Cincinnati Nightclub

CINCINNATI — At least two people opened fire inside a crowded nightclub early Sunday morning, killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others. Authorities also didn't immediately have any suspects in the 1:30 a.m. shooting on a busy weekend night. Kim Williams said there was "just a lot of chaos, obviously, when shots were fired." Authorities are interviewing several witnesses, but Williams said a lot of the club goers had left. WLWT reported that at least one person was in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

March 26, 2017 09:07 UTC

Rouhani to visit Putin in Moscow as Iran and Russia move closer

In a sign of the closer relations, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is slated to travel Monday to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a meeting Tuesday, Putin and Rouhani are scheduled officially to discuss projects in areas such as energy, infrastructure and technology. And for Iran, Syria provided a stable land corridor through which to send arms and cash to the Lebanese Hezbollah. On Iran, President Trump has taken a much more hawkish stance than his predecessor, putting the Tehran government “on notice” within the first two weeks of his presidency. Read more:Senators agree on Iran sanctions measureFormer Iranian president Ahmadinejad banned Twitter.

March 26, 2017 09:00 UTC

Apple Bites Back With iPhone Court Win in China

BEIJING—A Chinese court has overturned a ruling against Apple Inc. over iPhone patents, a win for the tech giant in one of its toughest markets. The Beijing IP Court ruled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus don’t infringe on patents for exterior smartphone design held by a defunct local manufacturer, Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co.

March 26, 2017 08:48 UTC

15 people shot, 1 dead at Cincinnati nightclub

Fifteen people were shot and one person killed at a Cincinnati nightclub early Sunday morning. The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. at Cameo Night Club, WLWT reported. “We are in the middle of a very horrific situation that occurred at the nightclub with multiple victims,” Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate told WLWT. “It’s going to be a long night for our homicide units to investigate.”The victims were taken to four area hospitals. The assistant police chief said several victims are suffering with life-threatening injuries.

March 26, 2017 08:48 UTC

Paying For Pret A Manger's Work Experience Scheme - Is It Work Or Experience?

Pret a Manger has managed to get itself embroiled in a row over how and whether it would pay teenagers on a work experience program. And at the heart of this is an interesting little point about whether such a thing is work, or experience. The company launched its Big Experience Week after it said it would struggle to staff its outlets following Brexit because just one in 50 job applicants is British. Obviously, if the offer to a teenager is come in for an afternoon and see what we do then that's not work, that's purely experience. If it's come in for a year and we'll train you up then that's work and must be paid.

March 26, 2017 08:48 UTC

15 people shot, 1 killed, at Cincinnati nightclub

At least two people opened fire inside a crowded nightclub early Sunday morning, killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others. Police said there is no indication the shooting at the Cameo club was terrorism related. Kim Williams said there was “just a lot of chaos, obviously, when shots were fired.”“Saturday night, it is a very young crowd. Authorities are interviewing several witnesses, but Williams said a lot of the club goers had left. WLWT television reported that at least one person was in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

March 26, 2017 08:43 UTC

Cincinnati nightclub shooting leaves 1 dead, 14 injured

A body is removed as police operate at a crime scene outside the Cameo club after a fatal shooting on Sunday in Cincinnati. (John Minchillo/AP)One person was killed and 14 were wounded after gunfire erupted early Sunday morning inside a Cincinnati nightclub, authorities said. The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. inside the Cameo nightclub, a few miles outside downtown Cincinnati, according to media reports. Neudigate told NBC affiliate WLWT that hundreds of people were inside the nightclub when shots were fired. “Many of them fled, unfortunately,” he told WLWT.

March 26, 2017 08:39 UTC

India's Ridiculous Idea Of A 25% Import Duty On Chana , Or Chickpeas

The current crop of certain pulses, including chana (gram, chickpea, all the same thing), looks like being fairly bumper. The proposal is therefore that there should be a 25% import duty on chana coming into the country in order to protect Indian farmers. Chana was expensive, so farmers planted more, meaning that chana should be becoming cheaper again. Recall that last year people were running around the world looking for chana to import into India. But how happy are they going to be the next time the chana crop comes up short?

March 26, 2017 08:26 UTC

Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One killed, 14 injured

(CNN) One person was killed and 14 others injured during a shooting at a nightclub in Cincinnati early Sunday, police said. The shooting occurred at Cameo Night Club just after 2 a.m., CNN affiliate WLWT reported. Developing story - more to come

March 26, 2017 08:21 UTC

Merkel Faces Test in Closely Watched Saarland State Election

BERLIN—Voters in Saarland, one of Germany’s smallest states, were going to the polls Sunday in an election that is drawing unusual attention as a test of sentiment ahead of a national vote in September. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party has ruled the sparsely populated state, which borders both France and Luxembourg, for 18 years. But a re-energized center-left under a fresh leader is raising the stakes and injecting a...

March 26, 2017 08:03 UTC

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