Government House threatened with elephant siege | Bangkok Post: news

Laithongrien Meepan (second left), owner of the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace, votes during the founding meeting of an elephant owners' club in Ayutthaya province on Monday. (Photo by Sunthorn Phongpao)AYUTTHAYA - The owner of the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace has threatened to lay siege to Government House with 100 elephants if he is charged with illegally acquiring elephants. Mr Laithongrien was responding to Mr Chaiwat's announcement on Friday that DNA checks had found inconsistencies in the identification of some elephants at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace. Mr Chaiwat said DNA samples taken from the elephant in 2014 and last year did not match. Mr Chaiwat also asked why Mr Laithongrien had not brought back five elephants he sent to Germany for shows about 10 years ago.

February 27, 2017 05:49 UTC

SET falls 6.19 to 1,558.40 at midday | Bangkok Post: business

The Stock Exchange of Thailand main index went down 6.19 points, or 0.40%, to close at 1,558.40 points at the end of trading session this morning. The trade value was 17.88 billion baht, with 5.43 billion shares traded. The SET50 index ended at 976.69 points, down 4.82 points, or 0.49%, with a total trade value of 8.74 billion baht. The MAI index went down 4.11 points, or 0.66%, to close at 617.28 points, with total transaction value of 1.1 billion baht.

February 27, 2017 05:46 UTC

Asian openbill storks arrive in Korat’s fields | Bangkok Post: news

Asian openbill storks have begun their welcome annual arrival in Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima. (Photo by Prasit Tangprasert)NAKHON RATCHASIMA – The annual migration of Asian openbill storks has begun, with large numbers now being seen in rice fields in Muang district. The arrival of the birds, known as nok pakhang, with their large size and large numbers, has brought cheer to the people of tambon Hua Thaley of Muang district. Each flock numbers 20-50 storks. The Asian openbill is a protected bird under Thai law.

February 27, 2017 05:10 UTC

Heavy rain warning for South, summer storms elsewhere | Bangkok Post: news

The Meteorological Department has warned seven southern provinces to brace for heavy rain and high seas from Feb 27 to March 2 as the northeast monsoon covering the Gulf of Thailand and the South is gaining strength. The seven provinces are Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. People living on mountain slopes and in low-lying areas near the coastline, important economic zones and tourist spots should brace for heavy rain and strong winds. In Chai Nat province, Pramote Onnom, director of the provincial meteorological office, said more summer storms were expected, similar to the one that hit the province on Saturday evening. The provincial governor has instructed all district chiefs to set up a centre to monitor the weather around the clock.

February 27, 2017 04:34 UTC

Monks found camping near Wat Phra Dhammakaya | Bangkok Post: news

PATHUM THANI - Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials found 12 monks staying in temporary accommodation on a fenced-off block of land behind Wat Phra Dhammakaya in tambon Khlong Si of Khlong Luang district on Monday morning. Accompanied by soldiers, the DSI officials began a search about 7am. The monks said they came from Chiang Rai province to take part in a project at Wat Phra Dhammakaya. The DSI officials made a list of their names from their ID cards for the National Office of Buddhism to further check. On Monday morning, a group of monks and disciples continued to sit and pray near in an area near Khlong Luang market.

February 27, 2017 04:10 UTC

Driver makes an "irreversible" mistake | Bangkok Post: learning

Ms Witchuda said she drove her Toyota Yaris to the end of the seaside soi to make a U-turn before heading home. The car shot forward and the front wheels crossed over part of a concrete retaining wall, leaving half of the vehicle hanging over the edge above the sea. “I believe the heavy load in the back of the car helped prevent it from going all the way down," Ms Witchuda said. "It maybe needed more power to drive the back wheels over [the concrete lip]. “We exited the car through the left back door.”Rescue workers later used a tow vehicle to move the car back onto firm ground.

February 27, 2017 04:07 UTC

SET down 2.13 points at opening | Bangkok Post: business

Thai stocks opened down 0.14% at the start of trade this morning. The Stock Exchange of Thailand's main index opened at 1,562.46 points, down 2.13 points from Friday's close. The trade value was 1.53 billion baht with 432 million shares traded. The SET50 index opened at 979.07 points, down 2.44 points or 0.25%, with a total trade value of 604 million baht. The MAI index went up 0.44 points or 0.07% to stand at 621.83 points with total transaction value of 137 million baht.

February 27, 2017 03:08 UTC

Video: Thieves explain how they snatch your valuables | Bangkok Post: learning

I just wait for the right time and and make sure there are no obstructions ahead to snatch their phones," he said. However, he said, if women shoulder their bags at an angle, it will be more difficult to snatch, so "I just let them go". POST REPORTERS Carelessly shouldering bags and chatting on smartphones while strolling are among the top actions that attract snatch thieves, a video clip made by Thong Lor police shows. Please join us on our Facebook page video clip made by Thong Lor police based on tips from detainED suspects shows how victim carelessness makes it easy for thieves to snatch their valuables. (From a video by Thong Lor police)Click "play" to listen to Video: Thieves explain how they snatch your valuables and "Download" to keep this file for educational purpose.

February 27, 2017 02:48 UTC

MGC optimistic on BMW, Mini sales | Bangkok Post: auto

The MGC Autoplex in Phuket for BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Azimut Yatchs. MGC made its first foray into the provinces for the BMW and Mini brands in Ubon Ratchathani in early 2015, spending 250 million baht for its BMW and Mini outlet. In metropolitan areas, MGC now runs four BMW outlets and three Mini outlets and it is the largest distributor in terms of new car sales for BMW Group Thailand, representing 30% annually. Its new car sales are forecast to rise by 17.6% to 10,000 units, with used car sales growing by 10% to 2,200 vehicles this year. The remainder will go towards overseas expansion, mostly for MGC's car rental business in Vietnam and Myanmar.

February 27, 2017 02:09 UTC

Stricter criteria for welfare | Bangkok Post: news

Registrants for the government's welfare scheme for poverty queue up at Government Savings Bank. A new requirement bars those with combined savings of 30,000 baht or more. APICHART JINAKULThe government has tightened the requirements for people applying for its subsidy and welfare scheme provided through the national e-payment system. Potential recipients must have combined savings of less than 30,000 baht to apply at the next registration period. Officials found that many of the 8.2 million registrants were not qualified, as they earned more than 100,000 baht.

February 27, 2017 02:01 UTC

Roaming free | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

How easy is it to spend a day travelling around Bangkok relying entirely on free public facilities provided by the state? Still, Bangkok has more free public facilities and services than one would expect. After a mere 10 minutes' walk, I reach the bus stop and see not one, but three free buses pass by. Right now, all free buses are "hot buses" with no air-con. So far, I only had to travel short distances to places accessible by free buses and on foot.

February 27, 2017 00:41 UTC

Confronting the talent challenges | Bangkok Post: business

With this constant change, business leaders are facing critical challenges when it comes to sourcing and retaining talent. More and more we will see digital learning and networking tools becoming mainstream mechanisms for achieving any talent development initiatives. As a result, it will become more important for organisations to design effective talent development programmes. Last but not least, I’d say the best approach to tackle the talent challenge is for leaders to really take action. Hence, only when leaders are willing to take action to meet the talent challenge can they and their organisations remain competitive.

February 27, 2017 00:36 UTC

SRT has to prove it's worthy of Red Line | Bangkok Post: business

The SRT needs to prove its management efficiency is up to standard if it wants to run the Red Line. His comment came after the superboard asked the SRT to provide additional information on operational cost management and its efficiency in running the Red Line. The Finance Ministry earlier dismissed the SRT's request for subsidies of 5.6 billion baht to operate the Red Line for the first five years. The 41-kilometre Red Line electric train with investment of 75.5 billion baht has two sections -- Taling Chan to Bang Sue and Bang Sue to Rangsit. Meanwhile, Ekniti Nitithanprapas, director-general of the State Enterprise Policy Office, said the superboard has assigned deputy transport minister Pichit Akrathit to consider whether the SRT should run the Red Line.

February 27, 2017 00:28 UTC

Capture the dividend | Bangkok Post: business

Investors should implement a dividend capture strategy in order to gain more than the dividend in the short term, say brokerages. When a stock's price falls, dividend yield goes up because the cash dividend is a larger percentage of the purchase price of each share. Given the nature of dividend plays -- prices always climb before the ex-dividend date (XD) and drop by the dividend amount or more on the ex-dividend date -- implementing a dividend capture strategy allows investors to gain more than the dividend in the short term. The broker forecast LH will provide a dividend yield of 6.89%, TCAP at 4.33%, SCCC at 4.27% and PTTGC at 3.9%. "Dividend plays look less attractive as our universe shows a forecast dividend payment from March to May of 182 billion baht, hardly rising from the same period last year," she says.

February 27, 2017 00:28 UTC

Getting a handle on modern trade | Bangkok Post: business

After repeated attempts to pass legislation protecting traditional shops from perpetually expanding modern trade giants, is the latest bill on retail and wholesale business too little, too late? Modern trade outlets have spread across the country, posing challenges for smaller retailers. One of the key points is the requirement that modern trade outlets register separately as juristic persons to pay their fair share of taxes. Those failures have opened loopholes for modern trade operators to expand their branches nationwide, with virtually no restrictions on size or location. "But right now modern trade outlets are already established in cities, and most of the giant retailers have expanded into smaller-sized convenience stores.

February 27, 2017 00:28 UTC

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