Kenya: Kisumu, Nairobi Governors yet to respond to wetlands invasion case

PHOTO: FILETwo governors have one last chance to submit their responses in a case in which they are accused of encroaching on Lake Victoria. Justice Stephen Kibunja gave governors Jack Ranguma (Kisumu) and Evans Kidero (Nairobi), and a senior official in the Ministry of Lands, Alice Kudia, the last chance to respond to a case barring them from starting construction work on the wetlands. Mt Nyanguti said Mr Ranguma owned two plots in Kisumu's Korando region while Dr Kidero owned seven. And yesterday, Nyanguti told the court that he had only received a response from the National Environment Management Authority. Nyanguti told the court that the defendants had already fenced off the wetlands, with Ranguma building a perimeter wall around the land in contention.

January 23, 2017 19:25 UTC

Knec to pay exam supervisors this week

Knec's acting chief executive Mercy Karogo said some teachers had been paid and others will receive their dues this week. Teacher’s union leaders Thursday demanded the immediate payment of professionals contracted during the administration of national examinations in November 2016. Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) asked the Knec to release the payment without further delay. He said the teachers wanted to pay school fees for their children, saying that the government already disbursed the funds. Mr Milemba said reforms in the Ministry of Education, Knec included, must be expanded to the welfare of the examiners, who are key in the setting, invigilation and marking of tests.

January 23, 2017 18:38 UTC

Trump withdraws US from 12-nation trade deal

Among the first was a memo on withdrawing from the vast TPP trade pact, which aimed to set trade rules for the 21st century and bind US allies against growing Chinese economic clout. "We've been talking about this for a long time," Trump said as he signed the executive order in the Oval Office. Trump also signed two other orders, on freezing the hiring of federal workers and hitting foreign NGOs that help with abortion. But the more urgent task for Trump may be to keep always sceptical establishment Republicans on board the "Trump train." Senator Ben Sasse was among the few who had mild criticism for Trump's decision on the trans-Pacific trade deal.

January 23, 2017 18:29 UTC

Uhuru announces measures to keep pupils in class

To retain pupils in schools, the President said the government will supply food to schools which will in turn deduct the cost of the food from the fees they charge students. The Head of State also gave a directive to consolidate all drought relief efforts so that they are channelled through the Devolution ministry. President Kenyatta was received by Samburu leaders led by Governor Moses Lenolkulal, senators Naisula Lesuuda (Nominated) and Sammy Leshore (Samburu) and MPs Lati Lelelit (Samburu West), Allois Lentoimaga (Samburu North) and Raphael Letimalo (Samburu East). "You are voting not just for the president or the other leaders, you are voting for your life. President Kenyatta also ordered the Registrar of Persons to trace and release ID cards to applicants through chiefs.

January 23, 2017 18:00 UTC

Kenya: Man accused of siring child with his biological daughter in Bungoma

| Updated Tue, January 24th 2017 at 00:00 GMT +3Simon Kituyi Wakape before a Webuye court on 23th of Jnauary 2017 where he denied siring with his daughter back in 2011. A defence witness has disputed evidence in a case where a man is accused of siring a child with his biological daughter. The new twist comes just two months before a court delivers judgement on the incest case in Bungoma. Based on my DNA findings on the blood samples of the accused, the complainant and the child, there are 99.9 per cent chances that the accused is the biological father of the child born by the complainant," said Wangechi. He was charged with incest at the Webuye court.

January 23, 2017 17:54 UTC

State bans packing of subsidised fertiliser at Mombasa port to tame pilfers

The government has banned packing of subsidised fertiliser at the Mombasa port in a bid to curb diversion of the inputs by unscrupulous businessmen. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett said on Monday that they will deal with those colluding with state agencies to sell the fertilisers to unintended recipients. The CS warned farmers and businessmen against hoarding maize in anticipation of increased prices following the prolonged drought. Bett said the state will consider importing maize if the situation remains the same, further reiterating that plans were underway to feed hunger-stricken households. First phase that commenced on November to January cost Sh5.4 billion," he said..On Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta banned export of maize until the drought ends.

January 23, 2017 17:43 UTC

State to battle hunger pangs by importing maize

By DANIEL TSUMA NYASSYMore by this AuthorThe government may start importing maize at the end of this week to mitigate hunger in the country, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett has said. Mr Bett said this would also protect Kenyans as farmers and businessmen hoard maize expecting to cash in on a price explosion. With maize prices increasing, he said stakeholders must agree on a suitable price in order to protect consumers. “I have met millers and urged them not to increase the maize flour prices because this will hurt wananchi a lot. "Already, the price is going up with a bag of maize selling at Sh3,400, up from Sh3,000 while the price of a 2kg maize flour packet is selling at Sh110 in some places, up from Sh97,” he said.

January 23, 2017 17:42 UTC

Pets and the risk of zoonotic diseases

There are, however, zoonotic threats that come with sharing a common space with pets. “But this doesn’t mean you should stay away from pets,” says Dr Muveta. Rabies: Considered to be highly infective and fatal, it affects carnivores and bats and is transmitted through bites from infected animals, mostly dogs. “It’s usually advisable to deworm your pets once every three months to avoid such scenarios,” says Dr Muveta. The organism enters someone’s body through a scratch or through inhalation, says Dr Muveta.

January 23, 2017 17:33 UTC

Uhuru orders drought-hit schools to accept food as fees

Parents in arid and semi-arid areas in the country will be allowed to use food as means of paying school fees for their children. This follows an order by President Uhuru Kenyatta who said that the move is among a raft of measures to mitigate drought effects. He said the animals will be slaughtered for locals to consume as state moves to increase relief food rations for the affected families. At the same meeting, Uhuru urged Samburu leaders to promote peace amongst themselves as well as with their neighbours. The President urged youths to shun calls from politicians inciting them against each other, further asking them to register as voters.

January 23, 2017 16:25 UTC


GREATEST TRIUMPH: New American leader Donald Trump’s greatest achievement is winning the presidency without any previous political experience — he was never a governor, senator or military general, notes university don X.N. He adds: “But his greatest triumph is defeating two political dynasties – the Bushes and the Clintons. Can we also get our own Trump to defeat the Odingas and Kenyattas in the August 8 General Election? But the most peculiar habit, he notes, is that even after the burial, the ribbons and flowers are not removed and discarded. His contact [email protected]

January 23, 2017 14:58 UTC

Bungoma youths turn against Ruto as Lusaka watches

The youths, who were chanting pro-Opposition slogans, blocked the main bus terminus in the border town and set ablaze Jubilee-branded T-shirts at around 3pm. The DP, who was accompanied by Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka, was on his way from Mumias in Kakamega County to address a rally in Bungoma's town centre. Mr Ruto had to change the route and was forced to use the Mateka-Kanduyi road to link to the Malaba-Webuye highway before later addressing a rally in Webuye, several kilometres from Bungoma town. “This is Nasa and Cord zone…we have suffered a lot in the last five years and we don’t want more miseries,” one of the youths said as a crowd set ablaze Jubilee-branded T-shirts. Cord leader Raila Odinga was expected in the county on Monday, but his trip was postponed to later this week.

January 23, 2017 14:51 UTC

Gospel rapper Holy Dave drums up for peace in new release

Gospel rapper Holy Dave is urging Kenyans to let peace prevail as the country heads for the General Elections in August this year. The two-time Groove Awards winner says that peace should be observed by all, regardless of their political class or affiliations. He says: “We should not wait for people to start fighting among themselves so we can release peace songs and launch peace initiatives. In his latest release titled Ushai Notice, Holy Dave highlights various societal ills, at the same time urging Kenyans to observe peace. Holy Dave (real name David Muthengi) is known for some of his songs including; Press On, Ni Msoo (with Kelele Takatifu) and You Look Familiar.

January 23, 2017 14:40 UTC

Court orders food for suspects during hearings

A Mombasa court has ordered prison authorities to be giving suspects food when they go for hearings. High Court Justice Thande Mugure issued the order following a complaint by suspected ivory kingpin Feisal Mohamed. He said he wants the conviction reviewed as the trial court found out that evidence by crucial prosecution witnesses was unreliable. Read: Ivory kingpin Feisal Mohammed jailed 20 years, fined Sh20mTaib said the trial court erred in law and convicted his client on the basis of suspicion. Also read: Feisal drove car ferrying Sh44m ivory, court told

January 23, 2017 14:26 UTC

Uhuru tours Samburu, orders action as drought rages

By CAROLINE WAFULAMore by this AuthorBy GODFREY OUNDOHMore by this AuthorPresident Uhuru Kenyatta took his voter registration campaign to Maralal, Samburu County, on Monday and defended Jubilee’s track record in the region. "In general security in Samburu has been improved because of the machinery we have put in place," he said. Earlier, Mr Kenyatta held lengthy closed-door talks with local leaders, discussing the conflict between Samburu and Laikipia over the invasion of private land by herders. The president was received by Samburu leaders, led by Governor Moses Lenolkulal, senators Naisula Lesuuda and Sammy Leshore and MPs Lati Lelelit (Samburu West), Allois Lentoimaga (Samburu North) and Raphael Letimalo (Samburu East). Addressing the crowd, Mr Kenyatta said the government had increased food aid and water to Samburu and other counties seriously affected by the drought.

January 23, 2017 14:19 UTC

Moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua notches early win over alcohol adverts

Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive Ezekiel Mutua. PHOTO | FILEThe Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has obtained a temporary injuction restricting two giant alcohol companies from broadcasting their advertisements before submitting them for examination and classification. It also applies to the Legend Brandy advertisement by Africa Spirits Limited. The board’s chief executive Mr Ezekiel Mutua had earlier accused the companies of promoting unclassified alcohol advertisements on local television stations during watershed period. According to the association, Mr Mutua has on several occasions stated on his social media accounts that he is out to enforce his moral convictions and has merely singled out the alcoholic beverages industry.

January 23, 2017 14:19 UTC

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