Nigerian Military Jet Bombs Refugee Camp, Killing Dozens

A Nigerian military jet, on mission to root out Boko Haram militants, on Tuesday bombed a camp for people fleeing the jihadist group, killing dozens and injuring many more. Doctors Without Borders, which has teams in the area, said it counted at least 52 dead and 120 injured. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari said the attack was an accident and said the government was working to support the victims. “I received with regret...

January 17, 2017 20:00 UTC

What Your Business Should Know Before Imitating Wendy's Twitter Feed

Live Video Can Now Be Broadcast Directly From TwitterPerhaps you’ve heard about Wendy’s’ latest social media strategy. A number of websites have pointed out the highlights of its approach, calling it “roasting” at its finest. If you’re not familiar, the concept is this: the Wendy’s brand is responding to user comments, especially ones insulting Wendy’s or praising its competitors, with tongue-in-cheek comebacks ranging from playful to downright insulting. Some highlights of tweets include Wendy’s responding with a picture of a garbage can when one user requested for the chain to help find the nearest McDonald’s. Another exchange involved Wendy’s sarcastically reminding a user that refrigeration is necessary to keep meats from becoming contaminated when they accused the chain of using frozen products.

January 17, 2017 19:47 UTC

Claire's Pulls The Plug On Its IPO

The kids and teen jewelry retailer is withdrawing its paperwork for an initial public offering, according to a Tuesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, according to the filing, it "has decided not to proceed with the offering at this time." The firm had sought to raise as much as $100 million by taking Claire's public. Claire's has been staving off bankruptcy in the face of falling sales and a heavy debt burden. Fellow retailer Neiman Marcus also pulled the plug on its IPO this month, stating that "it is not in its best interests to proceed" right now.

January 17, 2017 19:43 UTC

Take Control Of Your Life By Letting Go

I was a fighter who took control my career, and it worked. Little did I know then that my traditional approach of taking control and tackling any obstacles in my way would no longer work for me. In fact, I discovered that the only way to take control of my situation and my health was to let go. Taking control by letting go. Adopting these practices helped me take control in a new way, by letting go.

January 17, 2017 19:34 UTC

Mark Zuckerberg, in Suit, Testifies in Oculus Intellectual Property Trial

Facebook could face hefty damages if it loses the suit, which could make its payoff from virtual reality recede further into the future. PhotoBut Mr. Zuckerberg also spent much of his time on the stand talking about his broader vision for virtual reality and how it has not arrived yet. Yet virtual reality still has a long way to go before it gets to that point, Mr. Zuckerberg said. In 2006, he was deposed in a lawsuit filed by former classmates at Harvard, in which the plaintiffs claimed that Mr. Zuckerberg knowingly stole intellectual property to create his social network. That deposition, however, was taken behind closed doors; Mr. Zuckerberg settled the suit for a reported $65 million.

January 17, 2017 19:32 UTC

The Year That Was: PepsiCo 2016

Frito-Lay North America is the most valuable divisions for PepsiCo, forming almost 40% of the company’s valuation, as per our estimates. This division is also the most profitable for PepsiCo, with the operating margin at 30.5% through the first three quarters of 2016, compared to only 18.3% margin for the overall company during the same period. Accompanying the strong growth for the Frito-Lay North America division for PepsiCo is the North America Beverages division. PepsiCo has had a sound 2016 on the back of continual growth for its snacks division and non-carbonated drinks, especially in North America. Strengthening international growth coupled with the solid performance in North America snacks and beverages could help PepsiCo achieve its targeted adjusted EPS growth of 10% for 2016 — an estimate it raised twice during the year.

January 17, 2017 19:26 UTC

Veteran Times Reporter Denied Entry to Turkey

There was no immediate explanation from Turkish officials about the action taken against Mr. Nordland. Dean Baquet, executive editor of The Times, denounced the action as unjustified and an affront to press freedom. It appeared to be the first time a Times correspondent had been denied entry into Turkey, according to David McCraw, the news organization’s vice president and deputy general counsel. Dozens of Turkish journalists have been jailed, and several foreign journalists have been harassed, detained, denied entry or expelled from Turkey in recent months, particularly since an unsuccessful coup attempt in July. The Times remains committed to covering Turkey fairly, accurately and fully.”Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

January 17, 2017 19:22 UTC

Skinned zebra found dead on beach near Hearst Castle

A zebra that once belonged to a collection of wild animals at Hearst Ranch was found dead and skinned on a San Simeon beach Saturday after heavy rains carried it down a creek and into the sea, authorities say. Hearst Ranch told deputies that the animal died of natural causes and was skinned before it was found on the beach. Because the animal is privately owned by Hearst Ranch, its hide is also their property, Paul said. The original Hearst property featured lush gardens, a collection of art and extravagant pools and terraces. Hearst Ranch could not be immediately reached for comment.

January 17, 2017 19:18 UTC

Tax University Administrators

We tax cigarettes and alcohol partially to raise money, but also to moderate their use given their harmful effects. In particular, we have seen a huge increase in the number of university administrators carrying out a myriad of tasks unrelated to higher education’s major job. The last I inquired, there were roughly 2,000 working in the Office of the President at the University of California, and about 900 at the University of Texas. The solution: tax administrators at state universities – so we have fewer of them. Suddenly, persons now termed “administrators” would be reclassified “faculty” and given one or two students to “tutor,” for example.

January 17, 2017 19:16 UTC

Slurping Solo, in Sweet Isolation, at Ichiran in Brooklyn

There is even one taped to the restroom wall explaining that Ichiran’s owner is determined never to run out of toilet paper. The wall is already covered with toilet paper rolls, but a few extra sheets are tucked behind the note, in case of emergency. The paper wrapper on the chopsticks doubles as an order form for extra noodles if you finish the ones in the bowl. One edge Ichiran holds over its competitors is that you can give what you consider the correct answer to all of those questions. It has a soft, somewhat oxidized bite, like that of aged sherry vinegar, and it brings definition to the blunt contours of the pork broth.

January 17, 2017 19:15 UTC

The Right And Wrong Way To Earn More On Your Savings

“Keep the money safe,” I said. A savings account at Synchrony Bank or Ally Bank currently pays about 1.05% and 1.00%, respectively. 3 Takeaways For You or Your ParentSo here are three takeaways for you from my story:First, safe money must meet three criteria. Wells Fargo made news last year for its sketchy sales incentives resulting in two million fake accounts (my dad’s bank was not Wells Fargo). Other sales incentives are just as bad.

January 17, 2017 18:40 UTC

At a spry 95, Betty White offers some advice on her birthday

Caption Casey Affleck finds the words in 'Manchester by the Sea' Casey Affleck talks about the way Kenneth Lonergan uses everyday language to convey deep emotion in "Manchester by the Sea." Casey Affleck talks about the way Kenneth Lonergan uses everyday language to convey deep emotion in "Manchester by the Sea." Caption Casey Affleck finds the words in 'Manchester by the Sea' Casey Affleck talks about the way Kenneth Lonergan uses everyday language to convey deep emotion in "Manchester by the Sea." Casey Affleck talks about the way Kenneth Lonergan uses everyday language to convey deep emotion in "Manchester by the Sea." "Manchester By the Sea" director Kenneth Lonergan discusses writing a quiet character and working with actor Casey Affleck to bring him to life.

January 17, 2017 18:39 UTC

The Hypocrisy of Puzder's Perks

But even the incomplete data CKE has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission make clear that Puzder has received massive rewards for exploiting his low-wage labor force. (After 2012, CKE no longer had to report executive compensation data because it had become privately held.) Special executive "perks" made up just a small portion of his pay, and yet these rewards dramatically illustrate the hypocrisy of Puzder's positions on labor issues. Given the level of imperial coddling he's grown accustomed to at CKE, such public scrutiny would no doubt be a bit unsettling. This Institute for Policy Studies analysis of Puzder's compensation data was first published in a Restaurant Opportunities Centers United report.

January 17, 2017 18:30 UTC

Trump Can Succeed Where Even Reagan Failed

Without control of Congress, Reagan could not even strangle the newly established Department of Education in its crib. So Reagan relied on executive orders and personnel changes to reform the system, and the resulting changes were ephemeral. This program had been put in place by presidential executive orders in the 1960s and could have ended “with the stroke of a pen” by Reagan. But executive orders last only as long as the executives who issue them. If Mr. Trump wants to succeed where Reagan failed, his most important choice will be to fill the Supreme Court seat held by the late Justice Scalia.

January 17, 2017 18:29 UTC

NFL, 'Walking Dead' Light Up Social Media On Sunday Nights

Social TV activity peaked on Sunday night, thanks to Sunday Night Football, Sunday series (particularly The Walking Dead) and specials. Saturday, also a popular day for sports with baseball and college football, was the second most popular day for social TV activity. These shows, the top four in terms of average social interaction, are also among the highest-rated series on television. The Voice was the highest-rated reality series last fall, which explains its 440,000 social interactions per episode. In terms of particular moments, The Walking Dead reigned supreme, with Glenn's death during its season premiere drawing 936,000 social TV interactions.

January 17, 2017 18:24 UTC

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