Medical cannabis is safe, says WHO

Responding to that interest and increase in use, WHO has, in recent years, gathered more robust scientific evidence on therapeutic use and side effects of cannabis and cannabis components. 180, or the proposed Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, which seeks to legalize medical marijuana, has been passed by the health committee of the House of Representatives. The WHO report contradicts the statement on Nov. 7 by 16 medical organizations led by Philippine Medical Association and the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila. The statement said: “We strongly oppose medical cannabis legalization since this will expose our citizenry to unnecessary harm and the risk of poor health outcomes.”Responding to the medical groups’ statement, Isabela Rep. Rodolfo T. Albano III, principal author of the medical cannabis bill, “called on the authors of the statement not to mislead, confuse and alarm the public by making false, unfounded accusations.”Albano pointed out that “the bill explicitly provides that the Department of Health, in consultation with the Food and Drug Administration, shall be the principal regulatory agency for the use of medical cannabis. During the TWG meeting, the spokesperson, Dr. Leonor Cabral-Lim (chair of the Department of Neurosciences at the UP-Philippine General Hospital) raised the issue that UP NIH be the exclusive center of research for medical cannabis.

December 16, 2017 23:03 UTC