Macron hunts for French rural votes, Le Pen cheers new ally

USSEAU, France — French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron hunted Saturday for votes in rural France where his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, is making inroads among country folk who feel left behind. That did happen in 2002, when her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, made it to the presidential runoff but lost overwhelmingly to Jacques Chirac. Macron promised to modernize phone and internet connections in rural areas and vigorously defended the EU as an essential market for French farmers. "Rural areas need an open, conquering France," Macron said. Le Pen has made the plight of French farmers a theme of her campaign, citing farm closures, rural poverty and farmers' suicides.

April 29, 2017 16:52 UTC

How I survived

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Liang Sheng-yueh (梁聖岳), 21, was found sleeping in an icy ravine deep in the Himalayas on Wednesday. Upon hearing the footfalls of the rescuers, Liang awoke. His physician at Grande Hospital said he was expected to be able to leave the hospital as early as next week. In an interview with Chinese-language media at Grande Hospital, Liang explains how he spent his 47 days. What They AteSpeaking to the Chinese-language tabloid Apple Daily, Liang said that they had lived on their food supplies for three weeks.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

World's only Tiananmen museum returns to HK

HONG KONG -- The world's first museum dedicated to China's Tiananmen Square crackdown will once again open its doors in Hong Kong after a monthslong closure as the city prepares to mark the 20th anniversary of its handover to Beijing. Tenants in the commercial building which housed the museum from 2014 said the museum breached regulations that said the premises could only be used for offices. Organizer Lee Cheuk-yan told AFP this was an especially important time to reopen the museum. Residents told AFP it was important for Hong Kong to host the museum. Hong Kong enjoys freedoms unseenon the mainland, enshrined in a deal made before Britain handed it back to China in 1997.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

N. Korea's missile test fails hours after UN nuke meeting

North Korean ballistic missile tests are banned by the United Nations because they're seen as part of the North's push for a nuclear-tipped missile that can hit the U.S. mainland. President Donald Trump said on Twitter, "North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. He did not answer reporters' questions about the missile launch upon returning to the White House from a day trip to Atlanta. North Korean officials boycotted the meeting, which was chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Some analysts say a missile the North test fired April 5, whichU.S. officials identified as a Scud variant, also might have been a KN-17.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

Congress not as easy as Trump predicted

WASHINGTON -- For Donald Trump, self-proclaimed master negotiator, making deals with Congress was supposed to be easy. "This Congress is going to be the busiest Congress we've had in decades, maybe ever," Trump predicted shortly after taking office. A restive right flank willing to defy party leaders dealt him a humiliating setback on health care last month. If they can't, they will likely also struggle to produce the sweeping tax legislation and massive infrastructure investments that Trump promised. Lawmakers needed more time to finish their sweeping US$1 trillion legislation for the remainder of the 2017 budget year, work that is Congress' most basic function.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

South China Sea remains a concern

KUALA LUMPUR -- The South China Sea issue continues to be a hotly debated issue at ASEAN meetings and the issue will be one of the points expected to be raised at the 30th ASEAN Summit. The framework of the code of conduct (CoC) in the South China Sea being finalized by ASEAN and China may be adopted next month when senior officials meet. But some officials fear the CoC, when it is finally adopted, will be less "valuable" as China, which is also claiming the area, continues with its development plans. The South China Sea issue continues to be a hotly debated issue at ASEAN meetings as four of its members — Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam — are claimant countries. The leaders are also expected to touch on the progress to complete the framework of the CoC.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

Media report cards on Trump mirror split in the United States

SINGAPORE - U.S. media coverage of President Donald Trump, who marks his first 100 days in office, has ranged from negative to lukewarm, except for praise from pro-Trump media. The mainstream media has a starkly opposite view, unlikely to be shaken by the executive orders which are already drawing criticism. On March 27, a Washington Post headline declared: "Trump's first 100 days: A big failure, and a new low in the polls." The New York Times, often described as "failing" by the President, on April 17 ran a piece by columnist Charles Blow headlined "100 days of horror." The drip, drip, drip of negative news about connections between campaign associates and Russia — and Russia's efforts to impact our election — continues unabated.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

FDA approves 1st targeted drug for leukemia patients

U.S. regulators Friday approved the first targeted drug for certain patients with an aggressive form of leukemia. The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug for adults with acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, who have a genetic mutation called FLT3. Acute myeloid leukemia, a rapidly progressing cancer, forms in the bone marrow and disrupts production of blood cells and platelets. In a study of 717 patients, Rydapt combined with chemotherapy extended the time before the leukemia worsened or the patient died, compared to chemotherapy alone. FDA also approved Rydapt for adults with three very rare blood disorders.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

KMT chair hopefuls face off in TV showcase

"We'll have to see what people think," incumbent KMT Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱) said in reply to reporters' questions about the tycoon's possible political bid. Former Vice President Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) did not respond to the Gou question upon arriving at CTS's headquarters. "It's impossible for me to become vice president again," said Wu, who was President Ma Ying-jeou's deputy from 2012 to 2016. Hung claimed that when Lee became the party chairman in 1988, he started a regime of money politics in collaboration with rich and power-hungry people. He added that party members must be allowed to know the truth about how the KMT assets have been managed.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

Invasive species battle goes high-tech

In the fight against alien animals that invade and overrun native species, the weird and wired wins. Invasive species are plants and animals that thrive in areas where they don't naturally live, usually brought there by humans, either accidentally or intentionally. Sometimes, with no natural predators, they multiply and take over, crowding out and at times killing native species. Finding new weapons is crucial because invasive species are costly — US$314 billion per year in damages in just the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India and Brazil. With no natural predator in the Atlantic, the voracious aquarium fish devour large amounts of other fish including key commercial fish species such as snapper and grouper.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

NIA helps kids go on root-seeking trips

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The National Immigration Agency (NIA) hosted on Saturday afternoon a presentation of achievements made by the children of new immigrants, who conducted cultural exchanges and studied the native languages of their parents' hometowns during the winter vacation. The ceremony witnessed a total of 41 groups of children and immigrants, selected out of 73 group applicants, present their experiences in living with their maternal grandparents in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the U.S., Japan, India and mainland China. Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Interior Minister Chiu Chang-yu encouraged new immigrants and their children to fully utilize their cultural and linguistic diversity to develop themselves into international talents and open a window for Taiwan's internationalization. This has allowed them to deepen their studies, and enhance their overall capabilities to serve society and the nation. Under the program, all qualified applicants are granted a subsidy of NT$20,000 ($662) to NT$60,000, depending on the destination, to support a one-week trip back to the hometowns of their parents to carry out cultural exchange.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

Terry Gou confirms US investment push after another White House visit

Greeted by White House reporters after his meeting, Gou read from a statement: "We are planning a number of expanded investments in America together with the office of American innovation. Gou said Hon Hai wasalready working with local U.S. governments to select a location for the project. Asked how much he planned to invest, Gou said he wanted that to be announced by the White House. The White House Office of American Innovation, created by Trump and led by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, aims to reform the federal government through private-sector solutions. Hon Hai runs a business empire with manufacturing bases that employ hundreds of thousands of workers in mainlandChina.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

WHO urges polio vaccine dose cut amid shortage

GENEVA -- Faced with a shortage of polio vaccine, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries Friday to resort to smaller, fractional doses to ward off outbreaks of the crippling disease. French group Sanofi and Serum Institute of India make the main vaccine used to combat polio, the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). There are still rare cases of vaccine-derived polio infections, caused by another type of polio vaccine, which contains small amounts of weakened but live polio virus. Oral polio vaccine (OPV) replicates in the gut and can be passed to others through fecal-contaminated water -- meaning it won't hurt the child who has been vaccinated, but could infect their neighbors. The WHO experts on Friday hailed progress towards eliminating wild polio transmission.

April 29, 2017 16:18 UTC

Philly fans give everyone the boos they wanted at Friday's NFL draft

About 100,000 vocal fans gave everyone what they wanted and expected from Philadelphia: Boos! They booed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, of course, whenever he popped on stage. They jeered Cincinnati's selection of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon and even Cleveland's pick of Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer. He then trolled fans by thanking them "for allowing me to have a career in the NFL" and bragging about the "five-time world champions." Former Redskins linebacker London Fletcher told fans he expected more "for as many hits as I put on your running backs and receivers."

April 29, 2017 16:07 UTC

Serie A leader Juventus held by Atalanta to 2-2 draw

BERGAMO, Italy -- Serie A leader Juventus was held by host Atalanta to 2-2 on Friday. Juventus thought it won when Dani Alves headed in seven minutes from time but Remo Freuler leveled six minutes later. Juventus moved nine points clear of Roma, which hosts Lazio in the capital derby on Sunday. Atalanta, which is hoping to qualify for the Europa League, moved level on points with Lazio in fourth. "What's important now is to take lessons from this match, stay calm, and prepare well for the Champions League."

April 29, 2017 16:07 UTC

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