VMware is the leading IT vendor that prepares the best IT professionals able to apply their skills in cloud computing and platform virtualization services. VMware certifications help define the performance standards expected from IT professionals. These credentials also validate numerous core skills that every organization requires in order to effectively adapt to the development of modern technologies. Credentials offered by VMware are of different levels: associate (VCA), professional (VCP), advanced professional (VCAP), design expert (VCDX). As for categories, they include Cloud Management and Automation, Data Center Virtualization, Desktop and Mobility and Network Virtualization. The certifications provided by VMware are unique, as they offer a lot of options for the candidates to choose from.

In this article we review the VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV) certification exam, commonly called VMware 2V0-622. Here you will find a closer look at its benefits, admission requirements, and preparation resources. All this will help you pass this certification test and get VCP6.5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) credential.

Before getting to VCP6.5-DCV credential, let’s find out from what it all starts. The first certification exam one needs to pass is 1V0-701, which opens the doors to other VMware certifications of higher levels. The exam requires the basic knowledge of vSphere (a cloud computing virtualization platform by VMware). Taking this exam, one gets VCA-DBT (VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation) certification.

The next stage is getting a certification of the professional level. If candidates choose to get VCP6-DCV credential (VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization), they should take 2V0-620 and 2V0-621 exams, that check their knowledge of vSphere 6.

A newer version of vSphere platform is 6.5, and candidates can choose to get VCP6.5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) credential. For that they take 2V0-602 and 2V0-622 exams.

If candidates have already gained VCP6-DCV certification, they need to take only one exam to get VCP6.5-DCV credential- it’s the delta exam 2V0-622D by the code.

General information about the test

Now, let’s focus on 2V0-622 exam that leads to getting VCP6.5-DCV credential. The VMware 2V0-622 exam evaluates the candidate’s capabilities in data center virtualization and other related skills. As a result, the test focuses on one’s ability to apply the essential skills needed for successful installation, deployment, scaling, and management of various VMware vSphere 6.5 environments. Anyone who passes this test becomes a competent technician capable of installing, configuring, and managing vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and different virtual machines, which run on appropriate VMware software tools.

This certification test consists of approximately 70 questions. These may come in many different formats, but the most common one is multiple-choice. The VMware 2V0-622 candidates are given 107 minutes to read and answer all questions. Reaching the passing score of 300 out of the total 500 will ensure that you get the credential. The current version of the VMware 2V0-622 exam costs approximately $250. The company responsible for registering the candidates and administering the exams is called Pearson VUE.

How to register for the exam?

Before you will be able to sit for VMware 2V0-622, Pearson VUE needs you to meet certain criteria. For instance, the minimum admission requirements include no less than six months of experience working with the vSphere implementations and at least one year of working in the IT industry.

The prospective VMware 2V0-622 candidate should also be able to install, configure, monitor, and manage basic vSphere solutions. Passing the test means that the candidate can work with far more sophisticated vSphere systems. Some of the basic skills the candidates have to show include deploying and configuring vSphere storage, networking, security, and computer resources and creating and administrating vSphere virtual machines.

As a result, the successful candidates holding any of the VMware certifications enjoy the added benefit of enhanced flexibility and career growth options due to the multiple useful skills the candidates possess. They also enjoy higher credibility in the labour market.

Are there any exam rules?

The importance of the VMware vSphere technology means that the exam is well-known and available in all parts of the world. Therefore, it is possible to take this test in a number of centers found in almost any country. To see the complete list of exam centers and find the one that is close to you, visit the official site of Pearson VUE.

Some of the US military bases also have certification test centers. The candidate may be allowed to take the VMware 2V0-622 exam there only if he or she has a valid government-issued ID to enter the base. Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in the candidate being turned away from the exam center. This will result in the test being recorded as a 'No Show', meaning the candidate would not receive a refund of the exam fees.

What topics should be learnt?

The syllabus covers 10 sections that are very important for deploying various vSphere technologies. All these sections cover the usage of vSphere 6.5:
  1. Configuring security
  2. Upgrading
  3. Administering storage
  4. Recovery and backup
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Configuring and administering networking
  7. Administering and managing resources
  8. Managing virtual machines
  9. Customizing of ESXi hosts
  10. Configuring vCenter availability solutions

However, it should be noted that each of these sections is further divided into subsections and topic areas. The VMware 2V0-622 certification test will include questions from any of these subsections, so be sure to thoroughly study the available preparation materials. This exam is known to be one of the most challenging in the entire IT sphere.

VMware 2V0-622 preparation resources

There are numerous study resources for the VMware 2V0-622 test. Many of them are developed by a massive online community of VMware enthusiasts. You can benefit from downloading and studying the Vmware Certification Exams Questions which can be found all across the Internet. They will help you learn the exam pattern. It is worth mentioning one of the most useful practice tests – the premium VMware VCP6.5-DCV Certification Practice Exam provided by VMExam. It offers a unique opportunity to check their knowledge and learn the key concepts of the certification test using real-time scenarios.

In addition to various online exam dumps, the VMware training program offers excellent technical training that can be instrumental in passing your VMware 2V0-622 exam. The training sessions are delivered in different ways: classroom groups, live online training, and even self-study courses. This ensures that the candidates can choose the preparation method that suits their needs.

Another great way of preparing for the exam is going through the practical course named Hands-On Labs for VMware vSphere Technologies, which creates the environment needed to work with a number of the vSphere products covered in this exam.

The official study books that can be used for passing the VMware 2V0-622 test are published by VMware Press, but you can also find a number of other guides online or in local bookstores.

What’s next?

After you get VCP6.5-DCV credential, you can set the goal to boost your career and become Vmware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 with VCAP6.5-DCV Design credential, for that you need to take Data Center Virtualization Design Exam 3V0-624. This exam validates your ability to create a logical design that meets customer’s needs.

To sum up, all that you need to get to the top of your career is to set the goal and have a detailed plan of which credential to get and for what


VMware offers certifications of different levels providing you witht the right to choose. Passing the VMware certification exams such as 1V0-701, 2V0-620, 2V0-621, 2V0-602, 2V0-622, 2V0-622D, 3V0-624 can be a really challenging task, as it requires a considerable amount of time to become prepared. However, the importance of the IT certifications you finally get makes it worth the hassle.

Having the skills required to pass VMware exams and by getting VCP6.5-DCV credential you can create a successful career of Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Senior Systems Manager. Still, it’s not the limit. Update your skills and achieve more. Obtain VMware certifications of higher level. What are you waiting for? Grab this unique chance!