You might have dropped by looking for ways to prepare for MS-200 exam, or you can be a curious onlooker. This test is crucial for improving your IT career as it is a step to earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification. Being so important, it requires thorough preparation and from this article you’ll know some useful tips to supplement your studies.

Now, let’s start with getting a brief idea of what MS-200 exam is and what you can gain by passing it.

MS-200 Exam Overview

MS-200 exam will be testing your skills in planning and configuring a messaging platform. The topics you will be assessed on are the following:

  1. Modern messaging infrastructure management (45-50%);
  2. Mail flow topology management (35-40%);
  3. Recipients and devices management (15-20%).

You must note that the questions will not be entirely limited to the topics listed above. Perhaps now you think if all this is worth the outcome you can get. Read on to know what you can gain by acing this test.

What Can I Get by Passing MS-200 Exam?

As it was already mentioned, passing MS-200 exam brings you one step closer to earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification. This credential verifies thatyou possess the skills required to work as a Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator. It proves your competence in configuring, managing and securing a messaging platform. According to the recent research, a Messaging Administrator has an average annual pay of $68k that can reach $107k depending on the company, your level of expertise, etc.

To earn this certification, you have to pass not only MS-200 exam but also MS-201 assessment. That is why it is critical to find a way to be more effective with less effort in studying for MS-200 to save some strength for MS-201 preparation. Let’s learn several clues to make your learning process efficient.

7 Tipsto Prepare for MS-200 Exam

The preparation phase of an exam is a crucial one. But note that whether you pass or fail depends not just on how hard you work but also on what resources you use. So here are some tips that can boost your studying process:

  1. Have a plan

    Having a plan ensures that you get everything done on time. In your plan, you can jot down your goals and the objectives of the course first. It will act as a guide for the preparation process. Then, you can list the resources you have collected so that you don’t forget to make use of them. Finally, make a timetableto set and fix thetime intervals you’ll use for studies and organize some breaks. Pass Your Certification

  2. Follow a training course

    Enrolling in trainingthat prepares you for the certification testis the best way to cover the whole exam syllabus. For instance, you can register for the instructor-led course offered by Microsoft.

  3. Use efficient study method

    Sitting down and reading books is not a study method that works for everyone. If that’s the case with you, you have to find another suitable technique like watching tutorial videos, taking part in discussions, using exam dumps, pretending to teach, or whatever works. This will make the time you spend studying much more productive.
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  4. Correct your mistakes

    Instead of focusing on thetopics you got right, you should focus on the ones you got wrong.Then, correct themistakes so as not to continue making them and get the passing score at the test. If you use Prepaway’ dumps, you can check yourknowledge using the answers that come along with their questions and make the weak areas strong.

  5. Have discussions

    Joining discussion sessions is a great way to get the wheels in your head turning. Doing this, you will be able to discover many aspects that you never thought of before. And it's also a good way for you to get your doubts cleared.

  6. Reward yourself

    Studying without interest isn’t the most productive thing to do.Having a clear motivation makes it is easier to grasp and remember the concepts taught. So whenever you complete a part of your plan, make sure to reward yourself with something you like, be it a chocolate or something else. This will entice you to complete the next tasks as well.

  7. Practice

    Practicing what you’ve learned is the best way to remember and systematize the leaned material. You canexercise using exam dumps from a site like The files are in the vce format and can be opened using the VCE Exam Simulator which gives a chance to see the real exam structure, question types, and practice almost in the real exam environment. Certification Exam Dumps

Are Exam Dumps Enough?

Many people complain about not being able to pass their assessments even though they used exam dumps. Well, the problem here is that you cannot ace an exam just by memorizing the right answers provided in braindumps. This is because you certainly cannot expect Microsoft to repeat the same questions in every test. Here are the ways you can make the best use of the dumps:

  1. Learn the structure

    By doing the questions from vce files, you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam and learn how to best approach it. By doing so, you won't be wasting time trying to figure out how to manage the tasks at the actual exam.

  2. Explore the topics

    Using exam dumps, you can see what topics you are most likely to face sitting for the real test. Also, you can attentively learn the explanations to gain a deep understanding of the domains.

  3. Find weaknesses

    By cross-checking your answers, you can find which areas you lack. The next step is to work on improving them either with dumps or with some study guides or tutorials.

  4. Advance time management

    Time management is crucial at any exam because your result depends on completing all the questions within the allocated time. Training with the VCE Player, you can set time limits for your mock tests and learn to meet them.

  5. Track improvement

    By having a record of your scores in each test, you can track your improvement or lack thereof. By doing this you can see whether your study method needs any alterations.

  6. Build confidence

    As you become familiar with the exam environment you will be much less nervous at the exam. This also includes the validity of the materials you are practicing. To have more chances to succeed, choose the Premium File with 129 expert-verified and recently updated questions and answers which you can get only for $39,99.


If you want to ace your MS-200 exam you must be smart in your preparation. Stop trying to find the easy way out and just do everything you can. If you make the best use of exam dumps and the other resources, you too can pass your test and earn the associate-level Microsoft 365 certification for Messaging Administrator.