Caveat: Microsoft AZ-301 will soon be replaced by a new version, Microsoft AZ-304(April 28, 2020). However, you can still take this certification exambeforeits retirement date (July 28, 2020).

The Microsoft AZ-301 test is part of the requirements for getting the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. It is aimed at the Azure solutions architects who are responsible for advising and translating business requests into reliable, secure, and scalable solutions. The professionals for thisexam should have advanced skills and knowledge ofvarious areas of IT operations, includingnetworking, virtualization, business continuity, disaster recovery, data management, identity, budgeting, governance, and security. Their job role entails managing how decisions in every business area impact the overall solution. The candidates for Microsoft AZ-301 should have proficiency in DevOps, Azure development, and Azure administration. In addition to this, they should have the expert-level expertise in a minimum of one of the above domains.

Microsoft AZ-301 is one of two exams to be taken in order to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Basically, you would have passed the first test, Microsoft AZ-300, before attempting this second one. Let’s look at the details of the ExamSnap Practice Test.

Microsoft AZ-301 Exam: Details & Topics

Microsoft AZ-301 is one of the role-based Azure exams. You can expect between 40-60 questions from the delivery of your test and the time allocated for its completion is 150 minutes. It’s important to mention that the actual time for the real exam is 120 minutes. The additional 30 min is for reading and signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement. To register for this certification test, you have to pay $165 as a fee. For the candidates outside the USA, it is recommended that they check the officialwebpage to know the specific fee that is applicable to their region.

The format of exam questions to expect during any delivery of the test include hot area, mark review, short answer, hot area, multiple choice, drag and drop, repeated answer choice, build list, and case study, among others. The passing score for Microsoft AZ-301 is 700 on a scale of 1000. Any score below this figure will be marked as FAIL and any above this will be marked as PASS. It’s essential that you answer all the questions even if you have to make educated guesses in some cases. This is due to the fact that there is no penalty for wrong answers, and the more questions you answer, the higher your chance of getting the passing score. Additionally, you should understand that 700 is not the same as 70% of the total exam questions. This is because the weight of each question differs and so is the score visit

In preparing for the Microsoft AZ-301certification test, the first thing to do is go throughits objectives. You can find these details on the exam webpage. When you explore these topics, it is important that you pay attention to their percentage. This determines the weight of questions that may be expected from each of them. This means that the subjects with a higher percentage may have more questions and consequently higher marks than those with a lower one. To help you understand the knowledge and skills you need to develop prior to taking the test, it’s essential that you build your study to finding answers to the following objective scope:

  1. How to determine workload requests: 10-15%;
  2. How to design for integration, deployment, & migration: 10-15%;
  3. How to design a data platform solution: 15-20%;
  4. How to design infrastructure strategies: 15-20%;
  5. How to design business continuity strategies: 15-20%;
  6. How to design for security & identity: 20-25%.
It is very critical that you develop these skills before you attempt Microsoft AZ-301 to increase your passing score.

Microsoft AZ-301 Exam: Preparation Hints

When it comes to studying the above-mentioned objectives, you can be sure that there are enough resources to help you develop competence in these topics. Below are some simple steps to take in order to gain mastery in these areas.

Use Official Study Materials from Microsoft

The Microsoft learning platform is the best place to start your preparation. You will find various study materials that will help you better understand the different topics of the exam. By using this official platform, you will also be able to review the latest updates to the test and its content. With this, you won’t miss out on any important update. This source has a lot of prep tools designed for Microsoft AZ-301, and the great part is that they are free. Therefore, you should take advantage of these free study materials.

Although the resources on this platform are not necessarily designed for your exam, the fact is that you will find enough white papers and eBooks on Azure here. This will give you in-depthknowledge of the subject of discourse, and you can easily apply what you learn in real-life scenarios and even in the certificationtest.

Enroll for Instructor-Led Training

Microsoft offersthe instructor-led training program to equip the candidates with the skills and knowledge required to pass the AZ-301 exam. There are basically four courses that are delivered ina classroom style by the certified Microsoft partners. You can go through the certification page to check for the training location that is closest to you. You can also find the details of the courses on the official website.

Take Practice Tests from Examsnap

Practice tests helpthe students evaluate their readiness for the exam. They can identify their weak areas and try to study more on them before the actual test. This prep tool also helpsyou familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and style. With this, you can have an idea of what to expect in the real test. Examsnap is a highly recommended platform to access these up-to-date resources. In addition to this, the site also offers exam dumps that guarantee your success in Microsoft AZ-301.


As you can see, you have every chance to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-301 exam and pass it with high results before its retirement date. All you need is to explore all the objectives, take advantage of the official Microsoft resources, and practice with the tools offered by Examsnap. Your success is just around the corner!