Sports entertainment has been one of the most vibrant unwinding activities. There has always been an action worth following and with fans across the world. But this was before the virus which has subjected the whole world to unanticipated strange times.

The coronavirus has led to either cancellation or postponement of nearly all the major leagues across the world. For a sports fan, these are tough times. Staying indoors is the new normal. While this may be something we are not accustomed to, it is very necessary to help curb the spread.

So, with no live sporting activities to look forward to, what activities can you engage in to satisfy your quest? Fortunately, for you, this comprehensive guide brings you insights on how to scratch your sporting itch during these times by streaming games online.

What do you need to stream games online?

Streaming can be defined as getting action online. So, yes, you need an internet connection. It’s best if you have a stable and reliable connection.

Many streaming service providers recommend an internet speed of at least 3-10 Mbps. Avoid adding too many people on your home network as this might slow you down; this is something you don’t need for your stream sessions.

You also need an internet access device. This can be a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will need this to access the platforms that publish sporting content.

The last basic requirement is signing up for the relevant platforms. There are multiple sites available for this and they include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube TV, and Hulu TV among others.

Accessing content on these OTT streaming platforms will require a subscription but many of them have a trial period. You can use this to make sure that the selected platform has content that matches your liking before paying for annual or monthly subscriptions as may be required. Downloading a VPN for streaming will give you a streamlined experience. I will be highlighting the other benefits of using VPN connections for streaming later in this post.

5 sports documentaries worth watching on Netflix


Catch filmmaker Bryan Fogel’s documentary that unmasks the then, level of doping in Russia. So thrilling is this documentary that it scooped an Oscar award. See the level of cheating in the Olympics that had Russia banned from major sporting activities for four years.


If you are a basketball fan, then this is a good one for you. In this film, Netflix traces the footprints of Allen Iverson, a household name in matters basketball. This powerful film brings to light the life of the NBA all-star from his humble childhood to his moments in court. His is an incredible story worth following.

Trophy kids

This film focuses on parents and the much they can do to have their children pursue the careers that they deem fit for them. Here, the parents are maximizing on everything within their reach to have their children make a career out of sporting. This documentary features both fascinating and disturbing instances in the lives of the youngsters as they struggle to keep up with the pressure from their parents.

Sunderland ‘till I die

In its 8 episodes, this docu-series will give you an insider’s look at the life of Black Cats fans. See how they are determined to remain strong through the team’s high and low moments. This documentary will walk you through the journey of the powerful duo until they reach a notable niche in English football and American sports.

Watching sports replays and highlights

Apart from the documentaries, watching sports replays is another exciting activity to engage in during this isolation period. Although you might be aware of the outcome, watching a replay remains a thrilling activity; seeing how scores were achieved, why a certain player was issued with a red card and the like.
Nothing beats the feeling that these replays awaken in a sports fan. Now might be a good time to watch the replays of the games you missed or simply did not watch for one reason or the other.

Best sports re-plays of all time

The 1986 Argentina vs. England soccer faceoff

The moments that led to a disputed 2-1 score are worth watching over and over again. This happened during the 1986 world cup quarterfinals. Watch to see how the victory was determined by what is largely described as ‘the hand of God’. The replay is available on YouTube.

Greatest horse racing; 1973

This replay paints a fresh image of how the secretariat emerged as a winner in the Belmont stakes horse racing in June 1973.

Tigers Woods victorious golf win; at 21

In 1997, Tiger Woods broke the norm by becoming the first African American golfer to emerge a winner at the Master's tournament. At only 21 years, Tiger Woods was able to change the people’s perspective on golf.

Boxing faceoff; Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali

Catch a feel of the 1971 fight of the century where the two heavyweights faced each other in not one, not two, but fifteen brutal rounds that had Joe Frazier emerging the winner.

The 1982 big play

In this replay, Stanford's goal gives the team a one-point lead with only four seconds to the end of the game against the University of California. Watch the details of the kickoff and how one California University player plows over a band member from their opponent; it’s thrilling and exciting.
You probably did not have a chance to watch these moments, now is the time. All the detailed replays are available on YouTube. But hey, YouTube is not the only platform that offers replays. There are many others as highlighted below.

Best sites for watching sports replays

Here, you will find the best content regarding major baseball leagues; that is highlights and scores. There are plenty of replay videos as well.

Full match TV

Get replays related to motorsports, NBA, rugby, and football among other sports on this site for free.

Fubo tv

Fubo Tv gives access to the best soccer streams of all time. This is a subscription service but has a limited trial period.

Full match sports

This site offers replays on NBA and football games.
This is just a tip of the iceberg; we just highlighted some of the finest actions. There is a whole lot more. However, accessing and watching this content may not be as easy. Well, this depends on a number of reasons.

Possible challenges that you may face while streaming sports content

A slow internet connection is one of the disruptions that may affect your stream. Some internet providers have a bad habit of spying over their clients. Some go to the extent of slowing down your network when they realize that you are streaming content.
Many users on a network especially WI-FI connections may also slow down a sports stream. This can be resolved by reducing the number of connected users. It’s advisable to keep home networks private.
Another possible challenge, and probably the most popular one is a geo-restriction.
Geo-restrictions make different content accessible to users in different countries. For instance, a Netflix user in China may not be able to access some documentaries because their government has many policies and restrictions on internet content access.
So, yes, you could be very interested in watching some incredibly popular docu-series but your government will not allow it. This is irrespective of whether you are on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other platform. The publishers conform to the regulations in your country.
Fortunately, there is a way around most of these challenges and especially regional blocks. It all lies in downloading a VPN.

How a VPN helps overcome challenges in streaming sports-related content

A virtual private network masks your real IP address and virtually relocates you. With this, you can unlock the geo-restricted sports content on any platform. The platforms have no way of telling whether or not you are within the given location.
VPNs make this possible by allowing you to connect to the internet through other VPN servers across the world. A VPN provider with many server locations will provide you with many virtual relocation options.
VPNs also offer high-end data encryption. This keeps your online traffic safe from spying by the internet service provider, government agencies, or cybercriminals.


We may be subjected to long hours and days of home-stays, but, they do not have to be boring. You can still catch the thrill from some of the best sports content available on the internet. We hope this guide helps you in selecting the best options and how to get the best experience from the selected option.

There may be no live games just yet, but some of these are good to reminisce on as we wait for the world to get well. We hope this happens soon.