Free PDF Conversion Apps for Mobile Devices.

Almost everyone uses mobile devices to process digital papers since they often seem to keep their smartphone and tablet on them all the time. Regardless, carrying various file formats means expecting a lot of various apps to open these documents. If we can rely on just one file format, then PDF is possibly the satisfactory choice as it is a reliable file format that enables you to flip through the text and images as they exactly are.

There are already many apps you can obtain to view PDF on your mobile systems, but what about if we need to convert these files into word documents on one device itself? Well, that's what today's content is for!

Scroll down and learn about the top 5 free apps to convert PDF to Word documents on your smartphone!

PDF Converter — Convert PDF to Word Documents

The high-level performer and professional's first choice is PDF Converter. This place is specifically designed to convert any file format and portable document format to Word Docs. However, it can also be used as the converter, compressor, and a splitter of various contents. It is a great spot for everyone who needs to transform Word to PDF or into other layouts or vice versa, without any difficulties. The best thing is it contains multiple handy tools including, Lock PDF, Unlock PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Watermark PDF, Rotate PDF.

This useful free PDF converter app comes with numerous options to choose from. In case of having a file present on your smartphone that you need to convert, all you have to do is tap the Gallery button from the menu of the converter and the file. Now, as you do so, let the app do its magic. In short, this place is a complete package of convenience that is packed with numerous functions such as you can directly produce a PDF file, glances for your newly converted data. If you don't possess files existing on your smartphone, you can easily upload the files operating the Dropbox or Google Drive option available on the home page.


It is another best PDF Converter that is a free cross-platform application that enables you to build PDF documents from MS Office documents. It is designed in such an amazing way that can be used for multiple jobs including, editing, creating, converting, and merging.

It lets you convert PDF documents to different systems like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel in just two taps. Converted files can be easily stored on your smartphone's storage, so you can effortlessly utilize or transmit them via other apps. In straightforward words, this is a cost-free excellent place for excellent things!

File Converter

Here comes another trusted and free application that can instantly convert your PDF files into word documents. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Multi-thread techniques that insist on this app to work smoothly and quickly with all systems. Not just this, this utility service provides many handy features that are setting a safe and secure environment. You can convert not only files but also view any file format on your smartphone and tablet with this free app. The transformation will be performed in a protected Cloud, and converted files can be saved back to the app. It is linked with different sharing/transmitting platforms and supports various types of file formats including, video, docs, audio, e-books, images, and libraries, also more than 100 source formats are supported.

PDF converter

It is a simple and cost-free iPad app that transforms PDF formats to iWorks and MS Office documents, emails, web pages, images, contacts, clipboard content, SMS, and even Dropbox content. It is a handy and secure app that is also known as the safe, speedy program. You can easily operate the app from anywhere at any time! It is a guarantee that you will never face annoying ads, hidden charges issues, and buffering complications.

Also, you can utilize its additional features to annotate, compose, and share converted and unconverted files. It also requires a junk remover feature to clean and easy to read PDFs.

Office Suits

If you want to convert PDFs to MS word documents on your Android phone, just try Office Suits Converter. It is one of the preferable places that can fulfill all your office needs! It will help you to convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats to PDF docs and docs to PDFs. Regardless, the transformation will be completed online, so a good Internet connection is required. Well, another security option that many people wish to have, is the addition of a password to files, so that, protection to your converted PDF files can be made. Also, you can then transfer the converted documents via email or Bluetooth. Besides, there is an excellent built-in option for PDF viewer that lets you open and check the converted PDF file directly.