Wednesday, October 26, 2016 Venezuelan congress votes for Maduro trialA photograph of Venezuela’s National Assembly, during their session in Caracas yesterday. Opposition-led National Assembly opts for move, but Socialists dismiss move as meaninglessCARACAS — Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly voted yesterday to open a political trial against President Nicolás Maduro for violating democracy, but the socialist government dismissed the move as meaningless. Unlike neighbouring Brazil, where Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from the presidency in August, a trial against Maduro would be largely symbolic given the government and Supreme Court have declared congress illegitimate. The opposition has accused Maduro of veering into dictatorship by sidelining the Legislature, detaining opponents and leaning on compliant judicial and electoral authorities to block a plebiscite on his rule. The National Assembly ordered Maduro to appear at a session next Tuesday — which he will almost certainly refuse to attend — and said it would also consider charges of abandoning his duties.

Source:   Bueno Aires Herald
October 26, 2016 01:28 UTC