There are three Peronisms. The ‘Kirchnerist’ Peronism, which led the party using more stick than carrot during its time in government and took responsibility for developing its tactical campaigns, was obviously weakened by last year’s elections. As Martín Rodríguez argues, Massa did not produce leaders like himself, as Macri did, except for those that he bought. If the canonical book by Richard Sidicaro (The Three Peronisms) identified the historical Peronisms – the foundational of 1945-55, the “impossible” from 1973-78 and the “Peronism against the state” of the Carlos Menem era) then three other Peronisms coexist today without problem. Because of this, the three Peronisms are not political parties in the classical sense or even internal currents of a single organic force.

Source:   The Argentina Independent
October 25, 2016 15:22 UTC