One out of every ten inhabitants of urban centres in Argentina is living in precarious conditions and without basic services, a new study has revealed. The figures come from the 2015-2016 urban poverty study released this week by TECHO Argentina, an organisation covering social marginalisation and poverty in Latin America. Entitled “Relevamiento de Asentamientos Informales” (Survey of Informal Settlements), this new study is the NGO’s second major review of urban center poverty in Argentina. In Argentina’s urban centers, where at least 67% of the population resides, there are almost 3m inhabitants living in informal settlements. The report states, that while there have been some improvements since 2013 regarding access to basic services, the overall picture remains grim: “Approximately 40,800 families living in 136 housing units have improved access to basic services, or obtained the title to their property.

Source:   The Argentina Independent
November 02, 2016 17:46 UTC