Friday, October 7, 2016 No Dilma among charges but plenty of accusersBRASILIA — Brazil’s Supreme Court (STF) has accepted a prosecutors request to investigate a swathe of figures from the country’s political elite, nearly doubling the amount of people who were already under investigation. Also implicated are the head of the Lula Institute, Paulo Okamotto, and former personal adviser to Rousseff, Giles de Azevedo. PMDB leadersTop figures from Temer’s PMDB join their collegues under the graft spotlight. Among them Senate President Renan Calheiros, and Senator Romero Jucá, who is the PMDB’s president. From the PP, which supports Temer, former minister Aguinaldo Silva and PP President Ciro Nogueira are being investigated, among others.

Source:   Bueno Aires Herald
October 07, 2016 04:29 UTC