KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (pic) does not care for Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin’s challenge to fight it out in the ring. Bung was responding to a tweet from Mongin, who had asked him to name a time and place for a showdown. On Tuesday (Aug 7), Bung had an altercation with Mongin in the Dewan Rakyat when Mongin had asked if Bung had visited a casino. On Mongin’s challenge, Bung said he was willing to even prepare a boxing ring and find a boxer for Mongin if that was what he wanted. Related stories:Gym owner offers feuding MPs Bung and Mongin fight venuePuncak Borneo MP 'accepts challenge' to fight BungTi slams Bung over use of foul language

August 08, 2018 10:30 UTC

PORT KLANG: The crew of the Equanimity is pleased to bring the superyacht back to Malaysia, says its captain. Oystein Senneseth, who is from Bergen, Norway said that the crew was relaxed now compared to before when there were armed policemen on board. There are 18 multinational crew members who have been working on the superyacht for just three weeks now. The Equanimity, which allegedly belongs to fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, docked at the Centre at 1pm on Tuesday (Aug 7) accompanied by four Marine Police patrol boats. In July, Indonesian police seized the yacht again following a formal request for legal assistance from the United States.

August 08, 2018 10:18 UTC

Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, is expected to be launched locally on Aug 15. The biggest clue is the colour of the invite – blue and yellow – which is expected to be the colour of the smartphone and S Pen stylus. The Galaxy Note 9 will first be unveiled to the world in New York tomorrow (Aug 9, at about 11pm Malaysian time). Speaking of battery, the Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to come with a much bigger battery – industry veteran Eldar Murtazin wrote on Mobile-Review that the Note 9 will have a 4,000mAh battery, which makes it one of the biggest on a Samsung phone. Samsung is also expected to release Note 9 in a number of storage sizes and with a microSD slot that supports memory cards up to 512GB, according to Forbes.

August 08, 2018 10:07 UTC

It stressed that government and industry-funded IT support programs for teachers must prioritise changing the gender balance in computing. What interests Zhang the most is the process itself of using technology and being able to change somebody’s life little by little. Needless to say, having faith in using technology to change the world and using imagination to guide somebody’s life in a positive direction have nothing to do with gender. But excellence in computer technology is not only for the young. "By looking at the needs that exist in our daily lives, we can see problems that can be solved using computer programming," she says.

August 08, 2018 09:00 UTC

KUALA LUMPUR: Former defence minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein is waiting for his successor Mohamad Sabu's "honeymoon period" to be over, before he starts airing his views on the current minister's administration. "I purposely did not say anything this (Parliament) meeting because I wanted to give him some time to learn and see what is going on in the ministry. Hishammuddin said as Pakatan Harapan's 100 days in government were almost over, they should start to actually govern the country, particularly the Defence Ministry, as it involved national security and defensive measures. On his cousin Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's trial, Hishammuddin expressed hope that Najib will be given his day in court and that a fair trial will be conducted. I just hope the process is fair, that he has a fair trial and say in the proceedings," he said.

August 08, 2018 07:52 UTC

KUALA LUMPUR: A 38-year-old woman, whose ex-husband disappeared after running up a RM700,000 gambling debt, is pleading for loan sharks to leave her family alone after being threatened and harassed. But that has not stopped Tan from being targeted by loan sharks who are after the RM700,000 that her husband had borrowed to feed his gambling addiction. Fearing for their lives, Tan's father installed a CCTV for safety, but the loan sharks came again in the afternoon with the same demand. Tan said despite the police report, the loan sharks have continued to harass her, pasting photocopies of her MyKad on streetlamps in the area, and claiming that she is a con-woman. Chong said he would do his best to help Tan and ensure the loan sharks leave the family alone.

August 08, 2018 07:52 UTC

LONDON (Bernama): The photo of a British teenage girl hugging her boyfriend goodbye before his life support was turned off has gone viral on the Internet recently, reports Xinhua. He was flown to a hospital in Liverpool and placed on life support. Stephane was at his side from the time he was pulled out from the sea till his last moments when the doctors switched off his life support. "Today has been the hardest day for me and it will be a day I will never be able to forget," Stephanie wrote on Facebook alongside the photo. "Blake was someone special to me and we had something special and we will always have that," she wrote.

August 08, 2018 07:18 UTC

PUTRAJAYA: Seventeen former security guards of the Prime Minister's Department have been remanded over allegations of misappropriation of funds amounting to RM3.5mil. Magistrate Siti Nabilah Abd Rashid allowed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)'s application for the 17 to be remanded for five days. They were arrested between 2.45pm and 3.15pm on Tuesday (Aug 7) after having their statements recorded at the MACC headquarters here. The 17 suspects, aged between 31 and 51, arrived at the court at 9.15am Wednesday (Aug 8) in an MACC bus. Some RM840,700 cash and nine motorcycles worth RM90,000 were also seized as part of the investigations.

August 08, 2018 07:07 UTC

Samsung Electronics and its affiliated companies plan to spend US$22bil (RM89bil) over the next three years on artificial intelligence, auto components and other future businesses. Samsung said it will spend the sum, to hire artificial intelligence researchers, to be a global player in next generation telecoms technology and to boost its presence in electronics components for future cars. South Korea relies heavily on Samsung and its affiliated companies for investment and jobs. The company's investment announcement came two days after the finance minister visited a Samsung computer chip factory, where he touted Samsung's importance in Asia's fourth-largest economy.

August 08, 2018 06:33 UTC

KUALA LUMPUR: Portraits of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists were removed from the George Town Festival on the orders of Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa. In confirming this to Parliament reporters, Dr Mujahid said the portraits of activists Nisha Ayub and Pang Khee Teik were removed as they were promoting LGBT activities, which were not in line with the Pakatan Harapan government's policies. "I was informed of the exhibition that showcased their pictures, along with the rainbow pride flag, in a public gallery. Nisha and Pang's portraits were removed from the month-long Stripes and Strokes exhibition at the George Town Festival in Penang. Related story:Inclusiveness exco chief to look into removal of LGBT portraits from George Town fest

August 08, 2018 06:33 UTC

Still, analysts expressed concern that advertisers and users prefer Facebook Inc's Instagram app over Snapchat. Prices fell 9% in the second quarter compared with the previous quarter and 52% from a year ago. Daily Snapchat users fell to 188 million in the second quarter from 191 million in the prior quarter. Snap lost about 1 million users in each of its three geographic reporting regions: North America, Europe and rest of world. Analysts on average expected Snap to gain nearly 2 million users in the second quarter from the first.

August 08, 2018 06:00 UTC

For older women, only 5% cited social media, 18% said friends and 40% named health as an issue. So when younger ones uploaded selfies to social media, they ended up adding filters and even altered photos to make themselves look better. I would get motivated to go to the gym and achieve the body I see on social media. Educators and parents could play an important role in helping young women become “less dependent on social media to judge themselves” and to focus less on physical appearance, he said. “These adults can educate young females about the realities of social media and the frequent use of altered images.

August 08, 2018 05:37 UTC

She told the boy: "You have to respect women...You need to reset your mindset on the way you see females." The boy was just 12 years old in 2013 when he came across a pornographic website while surfing the Internet. Since then, the accused surfed pornographic websites...Eventually, the accused felt the urge to try what he saw on the pornographic websites. But boy started watching pornography again and molested his sister in August 2016. On Wednesday, Judge Mesenas said that as part of his probation, the boy must undergo counselling and psychological treatment.

August 08, 2018 05:37 UTC

PETALING JAYA: Japan’s world renowned Shinkansen bullet train system has caught the eye of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with the Prime Minister praising its precision and adaptability in different weather. “At the JR Kyushu training facility yesterday, I tried out the Shinkansen (bullet train) driver's simulator. Talk of bringing Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train system to Malaysia has been rife, as International High Speed Rail Association (IHRA) vice chairman Torkel Patterson had on April 23 pitched the idea of integrating the system into the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project. The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR project is a 350km rail project aimed at connecting and reducing travel times between the two countries. The HSR project, mooted during the then Barisan Nasional administration, is expected to start operations from 2026 onwards.

August 08, 2018 05:15 UTC

(Reuters) - Manchester City will aim to improve their performance rather than beat last season's record-breaking Premier League tally of 100 points, manager Pep Guardiola has said. Defending champions City became the first side to reach 100 points in a Premier League campaign and finished last season 19 points above their closest rivals Manchester United. "People ask 'can you improve on 100 points' and I say no because we are not here to do that. However, individually the players can improve," Guardiola said during the Sky Sports Premier League launch. "Arsenal I think are going to be more consistent as a team," Guardiola added.

August 08, 2018 05:03 UTC