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Urban loneliness is causing depression in dogs: trainers

By Hsiao Ting-fang and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, with staff writerThe incidence of separation anxiety and depression in dogs is on the rise due to owners’ long working hours, dog trainers said. Loneliness is the underlying cause of separation anxiety, and dog owners should be attentive to their pets’ psychological needs and make an effort to ensure their dogs have companionship. Busy dog owners could consider hiring a dog sitter who is patient and well-versed in reading canine body language to spend time with their dogs in their stead, he added. “A lot of dog owners think they can raise dogs like children, but dogs are not human and their nature is different from ours,” he said. Dog owners should adhere to rules in their daily interactions with their pets because clear boundaries are psychologically comforting for dogs, Chen said, adding that they should be allowed to play with other dogs.

Source: Taipei Times January 12, 2018 15:56 UTC