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Taiwan-Austria working holiday program grows

Staff writer, with CNAA working holiday program between Taiwan and Austria has been expanded to provide more and longer working holiday visas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday. Taipei and Vienna in November 2014 signed an agreement to launch a reciprocal working holiday visa program with 50 six-month visas issued by each nation annually. Taiwanese interested in working in Austria should visit the ministry’s “Taiwan youth fun working holiday program” Web site or the Austrian Office in Taipei’s Web site for more information, it said. Austrians are advised to visit the Taipei Economic and Culture Office’s Web site for more information on the program, it added. Taiwan has similar working holiday agreements with 14 other nations: New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, France and South Korea.

Source: Taipei Times January 13, 2018 15:56 UTC