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#Showbiz: Akshay Kumar takes on taboo topic

BOLLYWOOD actor Akshay Kumar got down and dirty last year to highlight the importance of using toilets and the epidemic of open defecation in his birth country through the hit Hindi dramedy, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (Toilet: A Love Story). For his latest film, Pad Man, which opened in India in January, the 50-year-old actor, producer and TV personality had set his focus on another uncommon but significant topic: menstrual hygiene. In explaining his decision to take on the film projects, he reportedly said entertainment was the best way to spread crucial social messages. Boys should be included in this conversation,” said the actor, whose 25-year career has seen him appear in more than 100 Hindi films. Free screenings of the film are expected to take place in rural villages.

Source: New Strait Times March 19, 2018 00:45 UTC