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Pictorial guide to healthy meals released

By Lee I-chia / Staff reporterThe Health Promotion Administration (HPA) has published a “my meal plate” illustration to promote eating healthy, nutritionally balanced meals. While people should prepare healthy meals according to the “my meal plate” concept, which total about 850 calories per meal, they can make small modifications according to their likes and lifestyles, Yu said. For example, a woman with a sedentary lifestyle could reduce the amounts in each group to three-quarters, which would reduce the total calories to about 650 yet still maintain balanced nutrition, Yu said. HPA’s Nutrition and Health Surveys conducted between 2013 and 2016 of people aged from 19 to 64 found that 99.8 percent did not get enough dairy products, 91 percent did not eat enough nuts and 86 percent did not eat enough fruit and vegetables. The “my meal plate” picture, the dietary guidelines and more detailed information can be found on the HPA’s Web site in Chinese (obesity.hpa.gov.tw/TC/Eat.aspx).

Source: Taipei Times May 15, 2018 15:56 UTC