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MOI aging index shows nation is still getting older

Staff writer, with CNAThe nation’s aging index at the end of December last year was 105.7, showing that seniors still outnumber young people, according to Ministry of the Interior (MOI) figures published on Saturday. The index measures the number of people aged 65 and older for every 100 people under the age of 15. The figure indicates that Taiwan has 3.26 million people aged 65 and older, representing 13.86 percent of the total population, while 3.09 million people are younger than 15, or 13.12 percent of the total. An index above 100 means there are more seniors than young people, the ministry said, adding that it first passed the mark in February last year. At this rate, it is likely that people aged 65 and older will make up 20 percent of the population by 2026, which would make Taiwan a “hyper-aged” society, it said.

Source: Taipei Times February 11, 2018 15:56 UTC