Joint Korean march to get Asian Games party started - News Summed Up

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Joint Korean march to get Asian Games party started

The weeks and months leading up to the tournament have been dogged by worries over poor air quality, terrorism and Jakarta's notorious traffic. But organisers insist they are ready, and 4,000 dancers and a 100-piece orchestra will get the party started in Jakarta at a ceremony which organisers say will be watched by billions of people across Asia and beyond. The Games website says the ceremony will show the world Indonesia is capable of hosting an international event -- but the jury is still out. Around 50,000 people are expected inside the stadium, Games organising committee INASGOC said Saturday, adding that tickets -- which range in price from to $50-$350 -- had sold out. "You can see people are decorating their neighbourhoods with the Games' logos."

Source: The Nation Bangkok August 18, 2018 08:26 UTC