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Indian police arrest suspect in brutal video murder

Indian police on Thursday arrested a Hindu man over the murder of a Muslim labourer after identifying him from a video of the brutal killing that went viral and has sparked widespread outrage. At 8pm: the only story that should matter today, that should make you sick to the stomach – the brutal murder of a Muslim man in Rajasthan in the name of “love jihad”. — Nidhi Razdan (@Nidhi) December 7, 2017The killing occurred in western Rajasthan state, which has seen a series of vigilante attacks on Muslims in recent months. The state’s police chief OP Galhotra told reporters the suspect had been charged with murder, calling it a “brutal crime.”Shocking! — Sanjiv Bhatt (IPS) (@sanjivbhatt) December 7, 2017In April a 20-year-old Muslim man was lynched in eastern Jharkhand state for dating a Hindu woman.

Source: Dhaka Tribune December 07, 2017 13:52 UTC