Helwan Brigades elements placed on terror list again - News Summed Up

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Helwan Brigades elements placed on terror list again

Islamic State militants parade in Tel Abyad, near Syria's border with Turkey. These crimes are worthy of the death penalty. They also face charges of forming an illegal group that aims to obstruct state institutions from doing their duties, violating citizens’ constitutional rights and harming national unity.The defendants are also charged with forming an armed group to carry out operations against policemen and sabotage public property, as well as power pylons and transformers.In August 2014, some of the members belonging to a self-proclaimed group called the “Helwan Brigades” released a video on social media networks threatening security forces. Twelve masked men were taped saying they were fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood’s peacefulness and vowed to attack all police facilities in Cairo.After being arrested, 51 suspects during the investigation admitted joining the armed group and possessing fire arms, ammunition and explosives.In August 2017, a prosecution team went to Tora Prison for investigation after seven prisoners of the Helwan Brigades case tried to escape.The prisoners caused chaos on the Autostrad in Saqr Quraish, a suburb of Cairo, while returning from court. "It also includes those who would commit attacks either inside or outside Egypt.According to the law on terrorist entities (law No.

Source: Egypt Today May 16, 2018 14:26 UTC