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Europe should help get fuel off Libya’s fire

Europe should help get fuel off Libya’s fire2018-05-16Speaking in Geneva recently, Libya’s National Oil Corporation head Mustafa Sanalla launched an impassioned plea to European partners to help his country combat fuel smuggling. Cheap fuel has seeped across Libya’s borders with Tunisia, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt for decadesThe most significant development in this respect has been the emergence of large-scale sea-bound fuel smuggling to Europe and Turkey on board fuel tankers, particularly off Libya’s west coast. Warlords and criminals have industrialised and vastly expanded Libya’s fuel smuggling businessThis momentum is not to be taken for granted. Rome agreed to add fuel smuggling to the memorandum of understanding it signed with the UN-sanctioned Government of National Accord in February 2017. Sanalla’s point about fuel smuggling can be made about most other smuggling markets.

Source: Libya Today May 16, 2018 07:46 UTC