Egypt paid $30B of foreign debts: CBE - News Summed Up

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Egypt paid $30B of foreign debts: CBE

FILE: CBE bankCAIRO - 2 January 2018: Egypt has paid around $30 billion of its financial commitments and foreign debts during 2017 and is committed to paying more than $12 billion in 2018, according to an official source at the Central Bank of Egypt.In statements to MENA on Tuesday, the source said the sum included bonds and foreign debts to international banks, including the African Export–Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK) and deposits and loans from countries including Saudi Arabia, Libya and Turkey in addition to government bodies (the Petroleum Authority) and the Paris Club.Egypt is committed to paying all its foreign dues and has not delayed any payment even during crises from 2011 through 2016, the source added.

Source: Libya Today January 02, 2018 09:22 UTC