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Court upholds conviction of former deputy mayor

By Jason Pan / Staff reporterThe Taiwan High Court yesterday upheld the guilty verdict for former New Taipei City deputy mayor Hsu Chih-chien (許志堅), who was convicted of taking bribes from real-estate developers, and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. Hsu Chih-chien was found guilty by the Taipei District Court on March 6 in the first ruling. Hsu Chih-chien told the High Court that he and Chou were old friends, and it was normal for them to give valuable gifts to each other. He added that the regular payments that Chou made were for investment in a Taipei property owned by his family. However, the court rejected Hsu Chih-chien’s appeal, after finding sufficient evidence and corroboration from witness testimony that he had taken bribes in exchange for influencing decisions to favor the two companies.

Source: Taipei Times December 07, 2017 15:56 UTC