NEW DELHI: RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Thursday said his party has "certainly" accepted the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and will try to get all non-NDA parties together under the Congress banner to defeat Modi government in the 2019 general election. "We certainly accept (Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the UPA). "All of us including (West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress Chief) Mamata Banerjee , (Samajwadi Party President) Aklhilesh Yadavji, (Jharkhand former Chief Minister and JMM chief) Shibu Soren, (Bahujan Samaj Party chief) Mayawati will sit together to discuss the decision of the Congress. "He said right now the opposition had a task to accord a farewell to the BJP in Gujarat. "He said the BJP was dividing the country and "misleading the youth in the name of Ram and cow" as they were fearing the election loss in Gujarat.

Source:   Times of India
December 07, 2017 14:26 UTC