While opinion polls have predicted a down to the wire fight, Congress leaders in Gujarat are confident of repeating the Nanded victory by getting the anti-incumbency votes to them rather than fragmenting those votes amongst independent candidatesSenior Congress leader Ashok Chavan, who is also the president of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, said the BJP wants to divide the anti-incumbency votes amongst smaller parties and independent candidates. The BJP had used the same pattern in Nanded, but people voted Congress and rejected the MIM, NCP and the Shiv Sena. Congress is credible options for them therefore we are expecting the total seats not less than 120 out of 182. One thing we have to understand, Gujarat is mainly business community and demonetization and GST had hampered their business. So these people will never vote BJP,” said Londe confidently.

Source:   dna
December 07, 2017 06:56 UTC